Pic Of The Week 37 – Moments

I’ve called this collage of pictures ‘Moments’ because that’s what each of them  represents to me: the moments where my family see, love and treasure Ameli. Those ‘last’ moments. The ‘goodbye’ moments. Bittersweet, but beautiful.


Top Left: Ameli gives (my) Granny a cuddle Top Right: Ameli and my dad at t Bikini Beach in Gordon’s Bay Centre Left: Ameli drives a London Bus in the games arcade – one of her favourite things to do in Pretoria Centre Left: Ameli and Deshaine, my sister, at the playground in Menlyn. Precious moments, building memories  Bottom Left: Back at the games arcade (about £4.50 for a good half an hour’s fun… love it) with my sister and mother, Nanna. Great fun. Bottom Right: Ameli with aunty D again (Deshaine) colouring in… lovely.

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Pic Of The Week – Week 36

This was one of those weeks where really, I need a gallery to show you all the lovely pictures. Instead, however, I’ve picked four out of the bunch to give you a taste.

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Top left: Aunty Deshaine, Granny (maternal grandmother) and Ameli on the beach in Strand, Cape Town, looking at shells and washing them off in the pools.

Top right: Ameli and me in Springbok, Namaqualand, a place in South Africa renown for it’s fields upon fields of blossoming wild flowers each year.

Bottom left: Ameli and Aunty Deshaine doing the ‘make your own’ kids pizza at Papachino’s in Pretoria, South Africa.

Bottom right: Seasoned traveller, Ameli heading towards Cape Town airport with Oupa (my dad) and Nana (my mother), straddling the luggage, bronco-style.

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Things To Do In Pretoria, South Africa

While this post might be irrelevant to most of my readers, I’m sure you’ll agree that experience counts for a lot and by now you know how I love to share what I’ve learned!  So… should you ever find yourself in Pretoria or Johannesburg, or the rest of South Africa, for that matter, I hope you’ll find this post useful.  If you’re simply stopping by from searching for more information on one of the places below, Welcome! Have a look around, enjoy your visit, and you’re welcome back any time!
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Breastfeeding and Race: South Africa

*** Welcome March Carnival of Breastfeeding readers.***

I find myself in a strange situation. I am one of my race, yet not of my culture. I fit in to a race that is not mine – yet am part of its culture. But let me start at the beginning and explain myself a little better…
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I Know Not Where The White Road Runs*

You may have noticed that there has been a distinctly fewer than usual number of posts over the last two weeks. Unfortunately, this is set to continue a little while longer. You see, things are changing at a rather alarming rate in my life. (Don’t worry, this isn’t just a post about me not posting!)

As I mentioned when I wrote about my memories, we are moving house. Not only are we moving out of this one, but all our things are moving into storage, minus the things we’re taking with us for the six months we’ll be living abroad.
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Beautiful Creatures – Children’s CD Giveaway

If the thought of the bear going over the mountain to see what he could see, or the five little ducks that left mama duck to go over the hills and far away sends you into a bit of a funk, this is for you. If you think Mary and her little lamb should follow Old King Cole and the Duke of York’s men up the hill and ring-a-ring-a-rosie themselves right down the Pied Piper’s hole along with Yankee Doodle and that woman from Banbury Cross, then you’ll want to read this.*

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