You may have noticed that there has been a distinctly fewer than usual number of posts over the last two weeks. Unfortunately, this is set to continue a little while longer. You see, things are changing at a rather alarming rate in my life. (Don’t worry, this isn’t just a post about me not posting!)

As I mentioned when I wrote about my memories, we are moving house. Not only are we moving out of this one, but all our things are moving into storage, minus the things we’re taking with us for the six months we’ll be living abroad.

photo source: pehubWe’re going back to South Africa for a little while, to spend some time with our families and friends there – something we’ve only had three opportunities for in the last seven years, spending the sum total of 10 weeks there. Now with Ameli turning a year old this week we feel more and more that it’s essential for her to breathe some of the African air, run with sand under her feet, have a garden to play in and experience a real summer -things that are considerably easier and more affordable there.

I am not yet entirely sure what I’ll be doing there. I hope to do something contributory and I have a few things in the proverbial pipeline, but rest assured that you’ll know when I do!

Other than that  – well, today is my birthday. I am officially 31 years old. Last year this time I was in labour and, for me, life really did begin at thirty. At least, this life did. And I’ve not for a day regretted it.

So, nothing much should change around here. I’ll still be posting, still be bringing you reviews and giveaways (although there may be slightly fewer for a while) and still be writing about doing this parenting thing as naturally as possible.

I hope you’ll join me for this next part of my journey.

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*A line from Gerald Gould’s Wanderthirst

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  1. Happy birthday Luschka, friend, mother, woman! You have had an amazing 31st year. Congratulations. I’m sure the next will bring more adventure, lessons, goodness, etc.

    And Happy Birthday to the little princess!! She does look so growed-up already! Too precious. They’re amazing, aren’t they?

  2. Ahhh Happy Birthday! Bah, forgot to say that early. Also nearly forgot to wish my parents a happy 45th Anniversary which is also today.

    Thanks for coming today, see you tomorrow for more partying!

  3. Gonna miss having you at events and such while your gone! Look forward to when you get back but I know your going to have a great time when your out there and make the most of having family to help with K! *big hugs*xxxxxx

  4. Wow that sounds amazing, and I totally agree with you Kyra really needs to experience it, that is just wonderful. I would love to ship Mr L, Baba, the dog and myself off for a while. I really do think it is a fantastic thing for children to experience. How wonderful for all your family out there as well they are going to love having you all. Hope you write about all the things you are doing as can’t wait to read about them all xx

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