Another manic week as our days on these British Isles move down in to single digits. I’m looking forward to a warm summer. It’s really become very cold recently!

Day 259 -Boobs for Babes, Tits for Tots

We did it! We posed naked – sort of – for a calender shoot! I’m rather terrified of seeing the end result, but will have to wait and then, well… see. Don’t worry, I’ve not turned to nefarious means to make those ends meet. This was all about raising awareness for breastfeeding, and raising money to help train breastfeeding counsellors in areas where they are needed. I’ll give you a run down of the day soon, along with a chance to win a calender for next year – and I’ll be hitting you up to buy some too: just think what a lovely stocking filler it would make for a pregnant or breastfeeding mama!

Boobs for Babes, Tits for Tots
Day 260 -Brighton

In one of those intensely busy weekends, I went from the calender shoot to spend the night with my friend Gloria, then from there to Brighton to have coffee with new friend Michelle and then lunch old friend Tamsin. Between the two appointments, however, Ameli and I had some time to kill, and she was running around between the shops, exploring as she loves doing. I took this picture because I find it hard to believe that this is a child that is not yet a year old. She just looks so big.

Little big girl

Day 261 -Tattoo

It’s been almost six years since I had my first tattoo done. I’ve been aching to continue with the vision I already had, and for my 30th birthday last year, Martin said I could continue it. Of course, I then went in to labour and tattooing wasn’t high on my list of things to do. So just before I now turn 31, I thought I’d best get to it…


Day 262 -Tattoo – part 2

So here it is, a work in progress. I still need to touch up the original one at the bottom and do a few bits and extend the vine and so on, but I’ll do that later. I loved these. The original one was commemorative of our marriage, the one with the babies in the wings are to celebrate Ameli’s birth in to the world, and my birth in to motherhood. The blue one is harder to explain as it is a bit abstract. When my gran came to visit in March we went to Kew Gardens and in to the butterfly park. There were so many of these beautiful blue butterflies and I adored them. I chose this butterfly in memory of her visit and in celebration of her life and who she has been to me in mine. I chose to have this tattoo done now, in memory of her two brothers, my uncles, who both died suddenly.


Day 263 – Coffee

I can’t have a Week in Pictures without including a few pictures of Ameli, so here she is again! My mother has a story about me walking around the house saying “I want coffee in my botty (bottle)” and it seems this has rubbed off on my daughter. She’s constantly grabbing at my coffee (which I obviously don’t give her!) and when I’m done she will stick head, hands, face and tongue in to my coffee cup just for a drop! Too cute!

Coffee cups

Thanks for joining us for our week in pictures!


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  1. Aww I love that picture of K in Brighton! she looks stunning and so fashionable and ethnic in that outfit! Gorgeous! 😀

    Tattoo is looking brilliant! 😀 X

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