This was one of those weeks where really, I need a gallery to show you all the lovely pictures. Instead, however, I’ve picked four out of the bunch to give you a taste.

(Click on the image to see a larger version.)

Top left: Aunty Deshaine, Granny (maternal grandmother) and Ameli on the beach in Strand, Cape Town, looking at shells and washing them off in the pools.

Top right: Ameli and me in Springbok, Namaqualand, a place in South Africa renown for it’s fields upon fields of blossoming wild flowers each year.

Bottom left: Ameli and Aunty Deshaine doing the ‘make your own’ kids pizza at Papachino’s in Pretoria, South Africa.

Bottom right: Seasoned traveller, Ameli heading towards Cape Town airport with Oupa (my dad) and Nana (my mother), straddling the luggage, bronco-style.

Thanks for joining us for our pic(s) of the week!

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Pic Of The Week – Week 36

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