Ameli and I went to Brighton last week to visit my friend Michelle, and support her in the launch of their new business. We had a lovely time, and Ameli and Chelle’s daughter got on like a house on fire. It was really so cute. Upon arrival – considering they last saw each other when Ameli was under a year old – they hugged, and holding hands, ran off to play! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen Ameli do that with anyone!.

We had a great time, and while Chelle was setting up in the morning, Ameli and I went for a walk along the beach – a loosely used word, as I associate beach with sand, and Brighton is pebbled – but still. Ameli loved these beach huts and squeeling ‘houth’ ran up to them. She investigated the lock on each one in the hope of finding one she could enter, and kept asking me for the key.

What a smart little girl she is.


Thanks for joining us for our pic of the week

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