Every baby is different, and that’s why it’s important to find the right products that cater to their unique needs. As a new parent, it can be overwhelming to navigate the countless baby products available on the market. That’s why it’s crucial to focus on quality baby essentials that are designed to keep your little one safe, healthy, and happy. These essentials can include things like organic clothing, non-toxic skincare, and safe baby gear. By investing in quality baby essentials, you can ensure that your baby is getting the best possible care while also giving yourself peace of mind. And, as your baby grows and changes, you can adjust the products you use to fit their evolving needs. So, while there may not be a set schedule for babies and toddlers, there are certain things you can do to make their journey a little smoother – starting with using high-quality baby essentials.

‘Is he sleeping through the night yet?’

‘Are you still breastfeeding?’

‘What do you mean she never had purees?’

‘Isn’t it about time he potty trained?’

It’s all about the schedule, whoever’s schedule you happen to follow – generally based on whichever book happened to be given during pregnancy.

I had such a reminder again this week of the differences between children. I was unpacking a box of books when I came cross a mother & baby book I’d been given during my pregnancy.  For 20 – 24 months it says:

Climbing up and down low furniture or climb frames is probably routinely attempted and achieved

Ameli at her first birthday party, climbing off the bouncy castle.


Some  toddlers might try to jump up and down

[youtube OAA_WJRlN-s]

Ameli at Longleat at 18 months. First time jumping on the trampoline was at 12 months. This is just our first recording.

If you have stairs, teach your child to come down them backwards, on hands and knees.

[youtube eTUJcTbAxl8]

Not my preferredway, but since she’s been taking stairs one or two at a time since 8 months, that’s apparently become boring (I can’t find  the video of her taking the stairs like that, but when I do, I’ll add it.)

So  yeah. Every child is different, and if you’re listening to your child, rather than the books, parenthood is going to be a much more enjoyable journey.

Did/does your child do things ‘by the book’? Do you even read ‘the book’?



Babies Don’t Listen To Experts

  1. That sliding down the stairs is unreal!

    I do read the book, but mostly to get ideas about new activities to do with him. For instance, I was reading just yesterday, and it reminded me about the development of the pincer grasp, so I gave him some blueberries for breakfast, to help him practice (although I am sure he practices with whatever he can get his hands on anyway!)
    I like Dr Sears’ book because it often talks through the steps that lead up to the major milestone of sitting / rolling / whatever. This helped me know what I was looking for / at, and I then paid more attention to what he was doing. So I think books can be really useful, as long as you look at the sections about what your baby is doing now and ignore the age bracket that the book assigns to it!

  2. I hate those milestone questions!! I’ve actually resorted to saying “I guess he didn’t read that book” when people tell me he’s supposed to be sleeping through the night.

    I actually find that AP kids hit a lot of milestones early, like the gross motor skills. Then other skills just don’t apply. People are starting to ask why at 13 months Little Man can’t really use a cup. Well, because 80% of what he drinks he gets out of a boob… On the other hand, he rocks a fork like it’s nobody’s business because he’s had table food since he was 6 months.

    1. @KrissyFair, LOL! I shall use that next time 🙂 He didn’t read the book. Lol.
      Interesting about AP kids. I do feel that way about prams vs slings though. In a sling Kyra was put down a lot, crawled a lot, and gave her body more ‘exercise’ than just sitting in a pram. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with her crawling at 4mths, walking at 8!

      Will have to do a (mini) comparison with /if there’s a next one!

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