I had such an amazing experience in Mozambique, I just had to share some of the photos with you here.

The pictures are:  My mother and Ameli on the beach, Ameli walking on the beach with my parents behind her, my dad eating an Oxtail Potjie for dinner (sort of like a hotpot, but a very traditional South African food), the place we stayed in Ponte Do Oura Mozambique, Ameli enjoying an ice cream, an AMAZING African sky, (above that:) one of my favourite things about Africa: the entrepreneurial spirit of the people here. We were stopped at roadworks waiting our turn to go, and these people were selling foods on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

The final, centre picture is my sister with Ameli, on a one night stop-over back in Pretoria, South Africa.

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Pic Of The Week – Week 33

  1. It is nice to have bonding with the family in a private place like the one in that pictures. Having a quality time with the family tightens the bond that is getting stronger each time you were together.

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