We’ve not participated in the Hands on Play Challenge for a few weeks, purely for just being really busy. We’ll pick it up again one of these days, but in the meantime we’ve had other things going on.

We’ve started up our organic food order again, which means our weekly shopping spend is reduced as we don’t ‘pop out’ to the supermarket as often and as a result don’t buy a whole bunch of stuff we don’t need. I always thought you had to be rich to afford organic vegetable deliveries, but I tell you what – it saves us a fortune. I recommend trying it – especially since the vegetables actually last for a week or more!

It has meant me spending more time in the kitchen again, and Ameli has been spending time in the kitchen with me.  Here she is making a concoction of her own: orange juice, water, marjoram, salt and pepper. I think she had a blast concocting it, and fortunately only drank about half of it!

We’ve also been creating posters for the NCT Christmas Party – I recently took over the monthly coffee mornings at our local branch, despite never having been a member myself. It’s been lovely though, and a great way of meeting people, so I’m really grateful for it!

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