While photographs of me are not high on my list of favourite things, I think it’s so important to have photographs of myself with Ameli. Normally I’m behind the camera, so there really aren’t that many photos of us together, and definitely not that many I like.  We went to an old friend of ours last week to have photos taken. There are over 80 beautiful pictures, but I chose these three to share with you.

Leading by exampleOur 18 months (so far) of breastfeeding have been such an incredibly beautiful experience, and has taught me so much and given me incredible confidence in myself as a woman. I wanted a beautiful photograph to capture this magic.


Since I’m normally on the other side of the camera, we have painfully few family pictures too. I love this family portrait.

I couldn’t decide which of the pictures of Ameli were my favourite, but this one had all my favourite elements.

Thanks for joining us for our week in pictures!


Pic Of The Week – 52-13

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