Welcome to week 4 of 2012. Is it just me, or is it really flying by? We’re in FEBRUARY folks. I haven’t even packed away all the Christmas decorations yet! (Yes… I know how bad that sounds!)

Without further ado, here’s our week four for 2012.

19/366 – Lost Day

Ah… the enduring sickness. It seems we lost a day here…

20/366 – Feed the Toddler

Sick, sick, sick sick, sick sick sick, and did I mention, sick? At least with home made yoghurt, I’m pretty sure Ameli’s getting some good stuff in too…

21/366 – Feed the Birds

My inlaws came to visit and after lunch we went for a walk along the canal. I think it’s really important for girls to have a good male influence in their lives, and I treasure that she has a good daddy, Grandpa, Oupa and uncle who love her. Sadly Oupa and Uncle Zee are far away, but daddy and Grandpa are near.

22/366 – Birth Pool Test Run

It’s getting hot in here… well, actually the temperature is dropping, and my belly is getting bigger. We have to start getting things ready for this new baby, so as a first step, we dusted off Ameli’s birthpool to make sure it’s good for round two. She’s way bigger than the day she came out of it, I’ll tell you that!

23/366 – Lego

The sickness bug just won’t leave our house, so we’ve been laying low, doing what we can to keep busy while keeping warm. Here’s Daddy and Ameli building Lego.

24/366 – Fairies and butterflies

When you can’t choose, why not be both at the same time?

25/366 – ย Before and After

Trying to sort things out and make space for Squidgy’s arrival. Ameli’s room’s been a bit of a mess from my efforts to tidy, so this is the before and after once I’d sorted clothes she can still wear from clothes she can’t. And then it was back into bed, because if I don’t shake this cold… *sigh*.

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Mamatography Week 4: This And That

  1. Sorry you’re not feeling well over there. Looks like you’ll get it out of the way before baby comes though, which is good. So exciting!

    Isn’t it a blessing to have family and friends we love help love our children?

    Homemade yogurt. Yours looks kind of thicker. How did you do it?

  2. Both at the same time — reminds me of a time when Amy’s little dolls were both wanting to marry the prince, and they “asked the government,” which agreed he could marry both of them, and the problem was solved.

  3. Ameli looks so happy in your Feed the Birds pics! Exciting stuff getting the birth pool out – that’s our job for this weekend (I’ll be nearly 36 weeks and it’s currently stashed away in the loft – will be sending hubby up rather than me!)

  4. Oh when the whole family is sick it is just the worst thing! I missed linking last week so I have been refreshing and waiting for you to appear this week! I’m not sure how your day to day life makes for an interesting read when mine just feels really dull – I almost gave up and haven’t taken pics yet this week but I am going to give it another go!

    1. Lol! That actually made me laugh! I have been worried about how dull my life looks, because when we did it in 2010 we were travelling a LOT… looked GREAT! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But actually, I find knowing that I have to find something to photograph MAKES me get up and do things – I sometimes need that motivation, so I say definitely! Give it a go again! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. What great pics! I love the belly pics in the birthing pool. I actually havent even edited a photo since the birth of my little guy. I thought about just combining the whole month of January and posting it…maybe I will, maybe I won’t…time is just a new thing when you have a toddler and new baby around. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, I love that you’re sharing your year!

  6. I’m amazed at how much you accomplished despite being sick. I think feeding toddler is about as far as I would get ๐Ÿ˜‰ How exciting it must be to know that the birth pool is ready, and things are tidied. You’re so close!

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