I am trying really hard to move on with life, and regain some normality.

47: Girls: I don’t paint my nails very often – I just don’t have time for the maintenance anymore – but somehow Ameli still paints her nails with whatever pens and inks she can find. It must be a girl thing.

49: Starbucks: Well, Avi isn’t as sad here as she looks! She was engrossed in the show she was watching on the Kindle while I was trying to do some work. I called her and snapped the pic as she looked up. I didn’t get much work done anyway. Lets just say she’s past the ‘quiet in the coffee shop’ phase!

PicMonkey Collage

50: Party Time: We had the worst train journey ever thanks to the flooding around the UK, but eventually made it to a birthday party in London a couple of hours late. The girls had a blast, and coming home wanted to stay in the party spirit. Fortunately no one in London on a Saturday night even noticed.

51: Blessingway: My friend Em doing a beautiful bit of bump art for our friend Karen, as we celebrated her and her pending arrival at her Blessingway. I do love these.

53: Friends: Another coffee another day… it was half term last week, so Ameli got to see some of her school age friends through the course of the week. She enjoyed that. She sure does miss spending time with her friends who started school in September.

PicMonkey Collage2
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