To say my girls are the highlight of my days right now would be an understatement. It’s hard being a (temporary)single parent, but I couldn’t imagine not having the light they bring to my life daily.

314/366 – Cohunu Koala Park

We needed a day ‘off’ to regroup in our little family unit, so the girls and I went to Cohunu Park near Armadale, Perth, where we they got to stroke Koala bears. You know how kids sometimes come up with such funny things? Well, today Ameli was on a roll!

“Don’t be scared, Kanga. I’m your friend” – cue melting Mama!

The Kwagga at the bottom, she says, “Look Mama! He ate too much!” So funny.

315/366 – Playpark Girlies

There’s something so awesome about seeing your babies playing together. I’m in love with them.

316/366 – Mama’s Girl

I do not remember where we were or what we were doing or who I was waiting for that we were sitting in the car but I love this photo. She’s so beautiful.

317/366 – Handmade Birthday

It’s Oupa’s birthday – my dad – and we’re on a budget, so we bought a potplant (my dad loves plants!) and some stickers, and Ameli decorated the pot. We also made cupcakes for his office, which we took in. As she walked into the office, unrehearsed she said, “Happy Birthday Oupa.” It was really sweet. Some of my parents friends came round for a light finger supper and all in all, it was a great day!

319/366 –  Playgroup 

We’ve been so blessed since we arrived in Perth to have a local Attachment Parenting playgroup not very far from us. Every Wednesday we go to this new group and slowly but surely we’re getting to know people and making friends. This is an awesome thing. Having a group of like-minded people around makes everything else so very much easier, even if it is just for 90 minutes a week.

Also, look at that pose – Aviya’s crawling like an old pro. It’s amazing how quickly my little baby is growing.

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Mamatography Week 46: The Brighter Side Of Life

  1. What a great week you had! I know how you feel, being a temporary single mom! It’s not easy! 🙂 I’m finally posting a Fall Catch Up Mamatography post . . . gotten very behind! going to try to finish out the year strong!

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