It’s heating up here in this desert-like summer on the underside of the earth. Our movements are largely curtailed by the heat, and by swimming, and by laying low. We’re making friends, which is nice. And sad because I know it’s not for ever, but loving every moment of the good stuff for now.

Day 3&4 – (nothing to see here folks, keep moving on)

We’ll call these two days ‘post-holiday-doing-nothing’.

Day 5/365 – Watermelon Baby

Nothing like eating sticky red watermelon to make for perfect photo opportunities. The days are hot here in Perth, but there’s this window between about 17:00 and 19:00 where the very earth breathes a sigh of relief and the air becomes breathable again. Those are beautiful hours to be outdoors. Even the flies and mosquitoes respect the sundown hours.

Day 6/365 –  Here’s Looking At You Kid

My dad adores his grandaughters. Ameli’s been a bit offish with him of late, but Aviya lights up when he enters the room. Here she is, fascinated by her upside down Oupa.

Day 7/365 –  Subiaco Tourists

We took my mom for her Vitamin C treatment this morning, so my gran and the girls and I went to finish off our tourist walking tour of Subiaco, a fourteen-‘landmark’ tour of Subiaco designed with children in mind. We’ve done it over three stints, and this was the final day. Though not strictly part of the tour, we stopped at San Churro chocolateria for a hot chocolate and snack to celebrate the end of it. Now we just have to return to the library at some point and collect our certificates. It was fun though. I love the picture of Ameli learning about the area, and the bottom one of her and Granny Gloria hugging a huge tree. And of course, she had a celebratory choccochino herself.

Day 8/365 – Hot, hot, hot

It was so hot today that we couldn’t stay in the house. It was just too much since the aircon doesn’t work. We went to a local playcentre which has an aircon and huge fans and at 2pm they shut because the aircon couldn’t cope with the heat! Madness. Sheer madness. And a cute picture of my Squidgeling, able to sit up on a ridealong toy. She’s growing way too fast.

Day 9/365 – Mama Blessing

My beautiful friend Kitty. I haven’t known her very long, but her and her family have become so special to me. I was honoured to be able to host Kitty’s Mama Blessing (Blessingway), as her new tribe – she’s just moved to Perth herself – welcomed her baby, blessed her birth experience, and honoured her new journey into motherhood, times 2.

I’m always so blessed and touched by the way ‘natural parenting’ mama’s – or at least the ones I’ve met – respect each other, love each other and model acceptance and care to our children, even if we don’t have the same approaches on everything. I love my tribe.

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