Continuing on our travels, and having Christmas at home. It’s been a busy December.

355/366 – Little Girls Who Lunch

We’ve been seeing more of the area lately and one of the perks is lunch on the road. If you’ve ever met me, you’ll know my favourite pass time is Hazelnut Late’s while people watching. I could do it all day. This apple, my dears, hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

357/366 – Goodnight, Sweet Heart

Ameli is growing up so fast. Recently she’s been making comments about wanting her own room, her own bed and so on. We were in a hotel in Augusta and she spotted this area in the cupboard and decided it was her bed. Sweet child.

358/366 – Day At Margaret River

If I could pack my bags and move to Margaret River tomorrow morning, I would. I need my hubby and my girls, and a job wouldn’t hurt, and I could live in Margaret River, teach baby massage, drink coffee at Yahava, eat gorgeous food, and spend my Saturdays sampling  the local wineries, chocolate factories, cheese factories and everything in between. I love Margaret River. Maybe one day it can be my home. 

359/366 – ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas…

… and we finally put up a little tree and made our gingerbread house.

360/366 – Aviya’s First Christmas

I have loads of photos from Christmas, but they’re on my mom’s memory card. In the meantime, here’s Aviya in her Christmas dress. The girls get a new dress each on Christmas Eve, which they then wear on Christmas day and New Year’s day. That’s one of our traditions.

Aviya’s two top teach also popped out to greet her on Christmas day.

361/366 – Hospital Baby

Over the last couple of days Aviya has been terribly moany. She’s cried a lot and just been generally unhappy. It’s been worse whenever we’ve picked her up, so I took her to A&E to have her checked out because it just wasn’t getting better.  I thought it was the teething, but it turned out she had a broken scapula. Poor baby. I felt so bad for not knowing sooner. Fortunately babies heal quickly and she was already on the mend.

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Mamatography Week 52: The End Of The Year

  1. Aw! Luschka! What little darlings you have! I LOVE the bed in the cupboard! Abbey loves to make little hideaways and beds in small, child-sized places, too! That’s an awesome moment to photograph!

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