In case you missed it 2013 is here… but I still have to finish off the pictures from last year, so I’ll start with those:

364/366 – Cottlesloe Beach

We are finding the heat wave here in Perth, erm… hot. But at least in the evenings we’re able to go down to the beach, have a drift in the water, a jump over the waves and a dig in the sand.

366/366 – New Year’s Eve

A princess, a fairy, an aunty and a Mama go down to the Malaysian restaurant to join a set of grandparents, an uncle and a great grandmother for dinner… nope, not the start of a joke, but what we did. Then Ameli went home with Oupa and Nanna and spent the night, while Aviya, my brother, sister and I went to Rockingham Foreshore for the new year’s celebration. It was so hot, we walked in the gently lapping water and had a cocktail before watching the fireworks from a grassy patch on the beach. It was a perfect new years eve. Peaceful and relaxed. Just what I needed.
 1/366 – Airports

It’s the new year! Yay! Except my sister flew home today. Airports suck. Ameli didn’t want to say goodbye, but as my sister disappeared behind the immigration line, Ameli jumped up and ran behind her. She saw her going through the barriers and called out her farewells, then cried and cried. My sister cried. I had a knot in my throat. Fortunately the nice lady at the entrance didn’t have a fit about us being where we weren’t allowed to be.

, 2/366 – After Dinner

I love living in the UK. I love the forests, the canal walks, the beauty, but I’ve got to tell you, when we have dinner and then my girls go down to the beach for a play for a few hours, I find it hard to imagine leaving this here country for the dreary, rainy cold that is the United Kingdom.

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Mamatography 2013: Week 1 – It’s A New Year (And A Bit Of The Old)

  1. Gosh I love Australia! I watch wanted down under & imagine we can actually move there but you know what I’ll miss my dreary UK too much! I could just imagine Amelie getting upset, my son does that too and his aunty only lives 10 mins down the road!

  2. Sorry that your sister had to leave, but hopefully you had a great time with her while she was with you.

    The beach looks lovely, and makes me want to move closer to a nice beach like that. Instead, we live in northeast Ohio, so our nearest body of water is Lake Erie, and the beaches aren’t that great.

  3. Sorry your sister had to leave, but it looks like you are off to a great new year. We love the beach as well, I couldn’t imagine not leaving near the ocean 🙂

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