There’s a lot of newborn newness in this post, so you know… hold on to your uterus and all that!

75/366 – Beauty and the Baby 

I may not be very artistic, but tell me I don’t make beautiful babies?

76/366 – Pretty Princess

What to say. I think she’s gorgeous. Pixie-like, fine and beautiful.

77/366 – Volunteering

Image one is Squidgy’s first day of volunteering for the NCT – not bad at four days old! Meanwhile Ameli inspects the sale items… before dragging it out to us and saying ‘Daddy, I want this one!’ Not that we were looking to buy toys, but she spent so much time inspecting and choosing we couldn’t refuse!

78/366 – Mothering Sunday

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK. It’s my 3rd Mother’s day and it’s the first I’ve actually spent with my own mother in many, many years. We had the inlaws come over too, so we had a lovely day with three mothers and our four children and two of our spouses to share it with. What a lovely memory.

79/366 – My Girls

At the park, I’m sitting with Squidgy, breathing in her newness. Ameli floors me with her beautiful eyes. I just love them. The last picture is not exactly tandem feeding. It’s Ameli nursing, and the baby a bit miserable, so I lay her down on Ameli, who put her arm around her sister and cuddled with her. I adore my eldest daughter. I adore her even more for being such an awesome big sister.

80/366 – Fun Times

I’m not sure who had more fun at Fizzy Kids – Ameli or Nana… She loves having someone around to just focus on her. It makes me a little sad, but there you have it… I hope I can go back to doing this with her in a few weeks time.

81/366 – Footprints and Fingers

I did this with Ameli, when she was just a few weeks old, and we’ve done the same now with the Squidgelicious One. She, unlike her sister, didn’t flinch or make a sound. Ameli will say she wants to play in mud, then cry because she has mud on her. She hates being dirty. She did even as a newborn. Squidgy has no such qualms. She just sleeps.

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Mamatography Week 12: The One That’s (Almost) All About Squidgy

  1. goodness me they are precious! i’m sooooo broody it’s unreal! Lord help me get to E’s 2nd birthday! congratulations! i’m so intrigued as to what her name will be seeing as Amelie has such a gorgeous one!

  2. Oh my goodness gracious! Squidgy is just precious! Congrats again! Beautiful pictures. Happy {belated} Mother’s Day!

  3. I agree on the gorgeousness of your children. Squidgy is indeed pixie-like, and just perfect. You appear to be adjusting beautifully to life with two!

  4. You, My Lovely, are an exceptional Momma. How blessed you are to have such an exceptional partner in life to help you raise your two beautiful Princess’.

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