Our weeks are sometimes so diverse, it’s hard to find a common theme. This is one of those weeks. From Folkstone to Norway, a bit of London, some nature and some routine, but always two constants: the people I love in the life we live.

Day 98 -Among Friends

Ameli and I drove to Folkstone to visit an old friend, Justine. Her first was born 4 days after Ameli, so we had a lot to catch up on! We went for a walk in the hills. It was lovely, and I think it will be beautiful once Spring finds the trees.

Visiting Justine

Day 99 -Chocolate and Wine

My girlfriends and I went for a chocolate and wine tasting event at The Melange in Peckham, London. You can read about it here. It was fabulous. These are the chocolate taster strips. In the picture are Basil & Lemon, Orange & Chilli, 5 Spices and Lemongrass, Bergamot & Cinnamon and Lavender & Lemon. Lucky for you, there’s online ordering!

The Melange Chocolate, Peckham, London

Day 100 -Big and Small

I was in the shower mulling over a few things when I turned around and through the steam I saw this picture. It kind of made my heart leap.Ameli’s bath robe is so small, so tiny next to mine. It’s what lead to the post I’m a Gaga Mama.

Big and Small

Day 101 -Lilies in Kew Gardens

Ameli and I spent the day in the ludicrously  expensive Kew Gardnes. It was a great day and we had a lovely time, but only saw about a quarter of the park in the end.

Lillies in the glass house in Kew Gardens

Day 102 -Beautiful Girl

We’ve had such beautiful sunshine here this weekend, and I’ve been highly perturbed by Ameli’s fear of grass. So I’ve been using the opportunity to get her acustomed to it. It took a few days and some serious screaming, but oh my was it worth it for the beautiful pictures we got!

My Beautiful Daughter

Day 103 – Messy Moo

Self-feeding is very messy. Very messy indeed.

Baby-led weaning breakfast

Day 104- Swimming

Today we had our first swim session. The three of us went to the local pool and spent a wonderful hour splashing around in the adult pool. It was great.  Sadly they wouldn’t let me take pictures in the pool, so there was just this one in the changing room. We’ll have to find a pool where we can take picures!

Swim time

Thank you so much for (once again?) sharing our week with us!


365-98 to 365-104 A Week in Pictures

  1. Kyra’s eyes are stunning! I love the little robe too. Julia never liked to walk barefoot in grass when she was little. Now it’s a battle to keep her shoes on.
    .-= Joey´s last blog ..Reflecting on the months before magic ears =-.

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