Mamatography Week 2 : Life At Home, Mainly


It’s week two of Mamatography, and it’s been half a very quiet week and then as everything ‘started back’ after the holidays, it’s become insanely busy!

Here are our pictures for week 2 of 2012.

05/366 – Baking

A quiet day, at home and there’s nothing like whipping up a treat in the kitchen with my very helpful little bowl licker…

06/366 – The Garage

I’m not all that keen on bulky plastic filling up my house, but Ameli has such a thing for cars at the moment, and I have no money for the gorgeous wooden toy garage I’d have loved to buy her. When this was being thrown out by a neighbour, I swooped it up for my little girl, who has had absolutely hours of self-entertainment and fun. How can I deny her that, just because I don’t like the plastic?

07/366 – 33 weeks pregnant

Pretty self-explanatory!

 08/366 – Budding Photographer

This was my first ever digital camera. It cost a fortune (around £200 as I recall?) nine years ago and was an amazing 2MP. I’m not even sure if it works anymore, but Ameli’s been playing with it. I’ll try it out with batteries soon, as she’s really interested in photos and taking pictures.

09/366 – Working Mama

I started teaching a new Baby Massage class this week, at a new venue. Isn’t it lovely?

 10/366 – The Life of a Child

Going through the box of Ameli’s old baby clothes I was really pleased to discover how much of it is unisex. That means at least Squidgy will be sorted for clothes for the first 3-6 months and all I have left to get is some size 1 nappies.  Here’s Ameli sitting in the box handing me items to pop in the ‘girls’ or ‘unisex’ pile.

Also, if you have two bicycles, and you don’t know which one to ride, why not ride both?

11/366 – Forest Nursery

I think you’ll see pictures from Forest Nursery here quite frequently. It’s a drop in nursery session at a local-ish school where the kids get to play in the forest, play with mud, explore bugs, foliage and so on.  We love it and wanted to go last year already, but Ameli had regular nursery on a Wednesday morning, so this was our first session.

Thanks for joining us for this week’s Mamatography!

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23 thoughts on “Mamatography Week 2 : Life At Home, Mainly

  1. It seems your Ameli and my Isaiah would get along perfectly. Cookie baking/testing, cameras (my week 3 post has some shots he took), outdoors, and cars.
    I am really looking forward to this whole year. 🙂

  2. Lovely photos. Nothing as nice as a quiet week at home. Love the baby belly…and the forest nursery – that’s awesome.
    Outdoors Mom’s last blog post ..Mamatography 2012 – Week 2

  3. Car garages, no matter what they’re made of, are so much fun! My stepdaughter found a 1980’s one at a flea market and my little guy just loves it. As for the digital camera, I’m saving up to buy myself a new one so I can pass mine on to my son. He just loves it. I tried buying him a cheap digital camera, but it was really poor. He wanted a flash and the view screen like mine. And, since mine is over 4 years old and pretty battered (I have a band-aid holding the battery section closed), his interest gives me even more incentive to get a new one! I really want to see what kind of things a 3 y.o. would find interesting enough to photograph and what things look like through his eyes.
    Alicia C.’s last blog post ..Week 2 – January 8 – 14, 2012 {#Mamatography}

  4. How do you pronounce Ameli?

    And that venue does look like a great relaxing space, and the forest nursery is lovely.
    Marcy’s last blog post ..Mamatography Week 3

  5. How funny that your this week with baking and camera fun are like my next week!

    Congrats on the baby! Just had mine almost a month ago now (what?!), and I miss being pregnant. Wishing you all the best in these last weeks.

    I love the idea of a forestry nursery. My friend and I were just talking about starting a “school” with a lot of that same idea of outdoor play. Such easy fun!
    Sheila’s last blog post ..Unconditional Parenting: Chapter 5: Pushed to Succeed

  6. Yum, I want some of those cookies! Also looking beautiful with that gorgeous baby belly, Luschka!
    Amy’s last blog post ..Photo Challenge: Week 3

  7. These are outstanding! The cookies look divine and your belly is perfect! Ameli with the camera is precious, and that venue … oh my! It’s all beautiful 🙂
    Melissa’s last blog post ..Posing for Little Photos

  8. Ponderings from the Kitchen

    Beautiful bump! Not long for you to go now. I’m a week behind you I think (33 weeks this week)and have been going through my daughter’s old baby clothes recently in preparation too

  9. So cute Luschka! I love all the things you did together this week. Love your belly shot – still have yet to take my own. Better get on that.
    Shannon @ The Artful Mama’s last blog post ..Mamatography Edition #2

  10. Avital

    Nice pics this week! I especially love the way Ameli is exploring outside. She looks delighted to be there! Thanks for sharing!
    Avital’s last blog post ..Mamatography Challenge Week of January 8-14

  11. just gorgeous! i’ve been wanting to bake flapjack for a week now, but those cookies are mouthwatering!
    Lucy’s last blog post ..Mamatography Week 2 ( Day 8-14)

  12. Great pics! Love the venue for your massage class, and the forest school looks fab!

    I had totally forgotten it was Wednesday again. I’ll try and get my post up on time this week… little man has been sleeping badly all week and wanting LOTS of attention, so I don’t know if I’m coming or going most days at the moment!
    Amanda’s last blog post ..Hyperemesis Gravidarum

    • Don’t worry Amanda, there’s no ‘on time’… just whenever suits you 🙂 I feel you on the bad sleep – we’ve had the same going on here! Just do what you can 🙂

    • Thanks Sabina. I love having Ameli out doors, but don’t always have the motivation to get out when it’s cold and miserable, so forest nursery is perfect 🙂

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