Life has been busy. Good, but busy. It’s been filled with visits, trips and appointments. And luxury – hair cut, massage, pedicure, to name a few.

Day 278 – Four Generations

I spent the day with my aunt, who recently lost her husband, and her sister-in-law, my grandmother. It was the first time my Granny, (who appeared A Week in Pictures in June when she visited us in England), my mother, Ameli and I were all in the same room at the same time. I had to grab the opportunity to take a picture because in this family, no one can possibly predict when that will happen again.

Day 279 – God-sisters

Is there such a thing as a God-sister? Well, if not, there is now. I spent the eve of my best friend here in South Africa’s wedding with her and my God-children, Aimee, Danielle and Xavier. It was the first time that Ameli met her god-siblings, and they all got on grandly. Although, between me and, well, the world wide web, I am rapidly changing my mind on the whole having four children before forty thing!


Day 280 – The Big Day

So here it is. My lovely friend is getting married. We had a splendid day of hair and make-up and champagne and wedding cars and walking down the isle and all that. It was a stunningly laid back and relaxed affair, next to a swimming pool, under the beautiful African sky.

The Wedding

Day 281 – Ameli Turns One Again

Our second first birthday was so different to the first one! No invitations sent out, no little children around (the God-children were with their dad for the day), no decorations, planning or preparation. I made a cake, we went to Jingle Jangle, a tea room play area for children and that was that. There was a trampoline, jumping castle, sand pit, play equipment, farm animals and even a fancy dress theatre area for older children (yes, yes, I was tempted!) We caught up with old friends and close family in a very chilled, relaxed environment, and Ameli had a great time – and more importantly, slept soundly for a long, long time.

A second first birthday party

Day 282 – In The Garden

One of the things I was looking forward to most about spending time in South Africa was the garden in my old house. It’s small and easy to maintain, and my dad has done a great job of making it wild in a perfectly controlled way. For years he wanted to dispose of the lawn and lay concrete and I always strongly opposed this – something I am now very grateful for. (This was actually a very cute picture, but since I’ve had blog hits from some frighteningly yuk Google searches, please excuse the crudely drawn in T-shirt)

In the Garden

Day 283 – Ride A Rock* Horse
*Can you just imagine the Google hits off the actual words of that nursery rhyme?

I’ve always wanted to buy a rocking horse for Ameli. We had one when we were little, a metal one that lasted and lasted and lasted, and I’ve a real soft spot for them. I’ve looked around for one, but never had the space, enough money or justifiable excuse for buying one. Well, my mother bought this for Ameli for her birthday and she just loves it! She laughs and giggles whenever she’s on it, is able to get herself off it and even stands next to it rocking it when she wants to get on! A major success, and I love it!

Well, that’s all I have for this week, so thank you so much for joining us for our Week in Pictures


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