Day 191 – Fun at Home

I’ve really been enjoying my time at home with the girls again. Summer Camp At Home goes a huge way towards helping at home days be fun for us all. We loosely follow the theme, adapting it to the girls’ ages, and I feel like I’m thinking creatively and keeping them busy. It’s nice. 

Day 195 – A Day On The Other Side

I went to the Henley Festival with BMW today, and had an absolutely awesome  time. You can read more about it, and my test drive of the BMW328iGT

Day 196 – Window Painting

Another fun day with Summer Camp at Home activities. It was loads of fun.

Day 197 – Field Trip To Southampton

We had a brilliant field trip day to Southampton to search for the Southampton Rhinos. To escape the sun, have a rest and change the pace a little, we went to the Hawthorns Urban Wildlife Reserve for some pond dipping. It was very peaceful, till one of the little ones fell into the pond. No harm done though. It was a lovely day!

Thanks for joining us for our week in pictures!

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