I’m running so far behind these days, I find it a little scary. RSS readers, I apologise for the mass of posts coming your way at the moment. Bare with me as I play catch up!

185 – Bird World 

Aviya and I spent the morning at Bird World with our friends Sara and Pete. It was such a lovely morning, just spending time with my baby girl, something I don’t get to do one-on-one too often. She’s getting so big though, as these pictures show.

186 – Morning Sun

We’re finally seeing snippets of sunshine, so this morning after dropping Ameli off at playschool, I stopped at the bakery for some fresh pastries, and Aviya and I sat in the garden for a while. It was blissful.

187 – Party Dress

We had a birthday party for one of my friends today, and the kids all played in the garden. It was fun! I do love dressing my girls up in their party dresses.

188 – Sisters

It’s so nice to see them playing together, and to see Ameli being mindful of and taking care of Aviya too. 

Day 189 – Learning Rhymes

We’ve been doing loads of arts, crafts, word games and everything else I can think of to explore rhyming words. Ameli was asking me about them last week, so I thought we’d formalise it. It’s been loads of fun, actually.

190 – Atlantis, Legoland

Another day at Legoland with friends and all our children. Another fun day. All these day trips are why I never  have time and am running behind on everything!

Thanks for joining us for our week in pics!

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