Could it be another week all about food and home life? Oh, and muddy puddles too.

Day 292 – Cooking Class

I feel bad sometimes, because Ameli had so many classes and activities that we did together from when she was four weeks old. Is it because of all the rhyme time stuff we used to do left leg over right leg, crossing the midline and so on that Ameli was crawling by four months? Is that why she was walking at 8 and Aviya only at 10?  Was it the sing alongs and rhyme time that made Ameli speak in full sentences by 18 months, but Aviya only has some words?  I don’t know, but whatever it was, I had fun at this impromptu drop in cookery session, and Avi seemed to love it too.

Day 293 – Dinner

My hubby made us one of my favourite styles of dinner – a build your own sandwich with a variety of different fillings, toppings and options.  Isn’t he sweet!

Day 294 – Mushroom Foraging

A local friend of ours is a bit of a mushroom foraging fundi. We went together one day and she showed us some of the local varieties we can eat. Truth be told I’m not at all confident enough to go on my own, but I’d love to, for sure.

Day 295 – Bliss Balls For Beginners

Remember last week I told you about my new book?  Well, I finally finished it! I’m rubbish with self-promotion though, so feel free to share it for me. I’d be most grateful!

Day 296 – When It Rains, Jump In Puddles

We had such plans for today, but sickness, the weather, who knows what else meant and our plans didn’t go to plan. Instead we hid out at Mamaventurer Yasmin’s house, and then went to a local stretch of forest for a walk. The kids found a few puddles and that took care of a good hour at least!

Day 297 – Cupcakes

How come in the books things look so perfect, huh?  But when it comes down to it, with two children trying to lick the bowl and simultaneously needing the toilet or wanting to read a story, the picture on the right is a much closer version of my reality.

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Mamatography Week 42: Food, Home And Muddy Puddles

  1. Good grief crawling at 4 months. Don’t think it is the classes though. We were doing a lot from 4 weeks too and my son didn’t crawl till 10 months.

    1. Oh I agree 100%. I think I’m super sensitive to treating my children the same (in their individual ways) though, so I guess it’s a touchy point for me. And yeah – that Ameli was (and still is) always in a hurry! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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