With our move coming up soon we’ve been so busy. From visits with friends to simple things like putting unwanted items on eBay and Freecycle, time has flown by. (I even had a dream that I put an ad on Freecycle for second hand bath water. The ad read ‘when you’ve had your bath, call me and I’ll come round for mine’! I think I need a break!)

I’ve missed a few days, but here’s what I have.

Day 246 – Deen City Farm

Martin, Ameli and I have been to a number of the London City Farms, and this is close to the top of the list of favourites. It has a greasy spoon kind of cafe, and there weren’t any horses around – in fact it had quite a few empty pens – but it was well laid out and offered something precious in London: green and open space. I love this picture of Ameli. It’s so true to her personality, going out, discovering, exploring, while making sure she’s perfectly safely grounded in someone she trusts. That’s a quality I hope she retains for many years to come.

Day 247 – Aunty Glors

A day out with our friends Chris & Gloria. Gloria has been such an amazing friend over the past five or so years. She did so much for Ameli before she was born, hosted my babyshower and has just been a star friend. Many friends drift away after babies come along and she just never has. I’ve been so blessed by her friendship.

Day 248 – Holiday Pictures and Wandering Wednesday

One of the very first blogs I ever fell in love with is called Garden Mamma. She is such a beautiful blogger, I find visiting her site actually spills peace in to my day. Garden Mamma has until very recently run a weekly post called Wandering Wednesday where her readers send in a photo of their feet and what they are doing or where they are standing. I loved this every week, although I never actually participated, so when we were abroad for eight weeks over the summer, I decided to take photos of my feet in some of the different places.

We returned home and I forgot about it as I became swept up in other things. But on this particularly quiet and rainy day, I was going through all the holiday photos and found all my ‘feet’ photos. I’ve put them together here in a little bit of a tribute to Garden Mamma, a recollection of an amazing holiday with my husband and daughter (and some other family thrown in from time to time) and an odd but special thank you to my fabulous Reetone Flipflops for being my most comfortable shoes ever (they’re in every picture, since I wore them all holiday!)

[youtube JQWWucNYwow nolink]

Day 250 – Moving Box Art

I always hate moving, especially when it’s not a straight A-B move, but something else in between. No matter how well I label boxes, I aways seem to struggle to locate the important boxes with necessary essentials.  So on another rainy day, Ameli and I found a solution to the problem. We decorated a moving box. I painted a primer red layer over it and she painted hands and feet and various other splotches all around it. I’ll add more on this later, but it was great, messy fun. That will be her box for those valuable momentoes like her first baby grow, her first pair of shoes and also for the masses of other sentimental items, like the photo albums and backup CD’s all around the house.


Thank you for joining us for our week in pictures


365-244 to 365-250 A Week in Pictures

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