We had some domestic days, some (horrible, terrible mastitis) sick days and a few great days. We went to visit my grand mothers in the Cape – the part of South Africa most of the world has at least heard of 😉

Day 284 – School Play

I’ve not been to a school play since my brother’s last play about ten years ago, so I felt particularly old when I went to my niece-in-law’s school play. It was good though, with some amazing voices.

Day 285 – Playtime With Nana

My mother collected Ameli and took her to the park for the morning so that I could focus on work. It as lovely to have a little time out, knowing that my daughter was in safe hands. I also loved the photo messages she sent me throughout the morning. It gave me the distinct impression that I was missing out though!

Day 286 – Improper Behaviour

Ameli and I went to visit an old friend I’ve not seen in a few years. We went to a lovely restaurant in a love area with a lovely waiter and lovely tables and really lovely food – and behaved totally inappropriately. Ameli loved the water feature and the fish in it, so instead of letting her simply get soaking wet, I stripped her down and let my little girl play in the water feature. I saw a few raised eyebrows, which raised even higher later when I was breastfeeding her, but she had a great time and was entertained, so that I could enjoy a bit of a social time too.

Day 288 – Gordon’s Bay

This is the beach at Gordon’s Bay where we stayed for almost a week. It’s beautiful. There’s something about those mountains that makes my heart sing every time I get there. I love it.

Day 289 – Granny on the Beach

I took a few sneaky photos of my granny and Ameli on the beach. They’re not the best as they are simply mobile phone photos, but I love them and will treasure them.

Thank you for joining us again for our week in pictures


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