I must apologise. Most of the photos this week were taken on my phone, in very low light, and some seriously gratuitous breastfeeding in there too.

103/366 – Cool Rider

This is for my dad, really. A half smiley, half sleepy, terribly blurry Aviya both loving Snoopy, as my dad does, and a bit of a biker shoutout… like my dad. 

104/366 – Peeping Aviya

There’s nothing as beautiful as a nursing baby, is there? Those little hm-hm-hm sounds along with the glugging… well, it’s gorgeous. I love it. 

105/366 – Tandem 

Tandem nursing my babies. I love how Ameli puts her arm around her sister and holds her, letting the small body rest on her own. It’s precious. I’m so glad we persevered with breastfeeding throughout pregnancy.

106/366 – “Storge” Love

In Greek, storge is the word for affectionate love. I think of it often when I see Ameli and Aviya together. As a parent you have time to prepare for the arrival of a second child. As a toddler, you can never really prepare, because it’s a first. It’s like trying to prepare for labour… you can picture it, imagine it, train for it, but you have no idea what it’s like till you experience it – which is, I guess, what it’s like welcoming a sibling. You might be excited about it, in theory, but you don’t really know what you’re in for. That being said, I’m awe struck by Ameli’s adjustment. Thoroughly awe struck.

107/366 – Warner Brothers Welcomes Bloggers

We had Aviya’s first train trip, first visit to London and first press day today. We went to the Warner Brother’s Welcomes Bloggers event where they were launching a new…

108/366 – Belle of the Ball

We had a second trip to London today for a second press event. There’s a new website launching in the UK called Zulily. It’s the Groupon for parents and children, and it is fantastic. I’m in love with Zulily, with the brands they have offers on and with the concept as a whole. (You can sign up for free, receive one email a day, and get discounts on the things many of us buy often anyway!)

Ameli walked in, spotted one of the founders of the company by a table of toys and made a new friend by the time I’d got the trike packed away! Everyone loved her and Aviya and we had a really lovely day. That little dress at the end is a brand called Jelly The Pug and it is gorgeous. I’m hoping they come up on Zulily again soon!

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Mamatography Week 16 – Boobs, Hands And London

  1. Oh my gosh! Your pictures always melt my heart. That tandem nursing pic is beyond precious!

  2. Love, love, love the tandem nursing photo, especially how both of your girls are looking into the camera, gorgeous. Looks like a really busy week 🙂

  3. Love the tandem shot (even though it’s dark)! Those little dresses are super-cute. Glad you’re getting Zulily in the UK—can’t beat a good deal site!

  4. Seriously, that tandem nursing photo is amazing! The beautiful relationship your girls have shared so far has me all the more excited about the arrival of our new baby. It’s amazing!

    Love Aviya’s eyes in that first photo, too 😉

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