I’ve been exceptionally busy over the last few weeks, and while that should technically give me loads of things to take photos of it just hasn’t happened that way. In fact, some days the camera hasn’t left my bag.  The days it has seen the light, it’s mainly photographed arty bits with Ameli. 160/366 – Montessori Dancers MobileI made these Dancers for Aviya and she absolutely loves them. I’ll share the ‘how to’ soon. They twirl and twinkle in the wind, and they keep her entertained for ages.

161/366 – I Haz Neck Muscles What a star. Look at that neck holding upping. She’s awesome. 162/366 – Camping We took Aviya on her first camping trip for the weekend (she’s 12 weeks now). We took Ameli when she was 8 months old, and all had a fantastic time. We were pretty unprepared for the cold, unfortunately, and ended up driving home (about a mile down the road!)  in the middle of the night and returning again in the morning for breakfast and breaking down the camp.  Amazingly, our peaceful and content Aviya slept through it all, but it was Ameli that cried fiercely from the cold. I was shivering and shaking too, so yeah, lesson learned.   But that’s why we camped down the road – sort of test driving the experience with two babies. We had a fantastic day with friends though, and hope to do it again soon. 163/366 – Camping and Crafting I’d brought a whole lot of crafting equipment along for the children to have some fun with. By the time we got there after spending a few hours in our very warm and cozy beds, everyone else had been up for hours, had breakfast and were breaking up the tents. I’d promised Ameli some leaf-printing crafts, so she picked some leaves and did some painting. Piglet got in on the action too, and Aviya? Well, she slept through the whole lot! 166/366 – Many Hands Make Light Work I showed Ameli how to hold two pencils together to get two colours at the same time. A minute later she had all her pencils in her hands and was colouring the bird glider from the bird-themed Toucan Box.

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// Thanks for joining us for our week in pictures.  Please visit the other Mamatography participants and see what they’ve been up to!


Mamatography Week 24: Camping And Crafting

  1. Love the camping down the road idea. Brilliant. We really want to go on our first camping trip in the US (hey they have bears here and all sorts) but haven’t quite got it together, yet. Soon, hopefully!

    the mobile is great, too.


  2. Wow – Hubs keeps talking about camping, but I keep saying that the kids are a bit young. . . I guess this puts that excuse to shame! 🙂 Lovely pictures – thanks for sharing, Luschka!

  3. I love the mobile, and Aviya’s newfound neck strength is both adorable and exciting! Hope you can catch a little rest this next week in addition to all the fun!

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