Playing a bit of catch up here, as I’ve not had time to edit and post photos in a while!

Day 28 – Toothless

The top tip I have for new moms is this: photograph and video everything! The first few weeks pass in such a blur and they change so fast. My little girl is teething and soon these little toothless gums will be no more. Somehow that makes me a little bit sad.

Day 28

Day 29 – Little Girl

Nothing more to say about that really – just that she’s so darn cute. Still can’t believe we made her.

day 29

Day 30 – House Work

Some days you just gotta bite the bullet and do the house work! Ameli wouldn’t be put down, so I did what our cleaner in South Africa used to do with her baby – strapped her to my back! She loved it and fell asleep really quickly. I guess housework is just that dull, no matter how old you are!

Day 30

Day 31 – Pretty Bath Stars

These stars adorn the shower screen for Ameli to look at in the bath. Excuse the limescale! I didn’t clean that yesterday!

day 31

Day 32 – Colour in a Dull Day

We’ve been trying to go out for walks just to get out of the house, have a bit of exercise and it helps to tire Ameli out a little. There’s not much around where I live as far as things to look at, but there are a few parks so we went for a walk in one of them. It was a dull day, but these little flowers gave me hope!

day 32

Day 33 – Here to Stay

Another trip to the park today, and it was so cold and miserable, I couldn’t help feeling a little sorry for myself. I wasn’t built for these long cold days. Kind of feel like winter’s here to stay.

day 33

Day 34 – Reflecting

A bit of a heteronym, really. This is the view from my house. It’s also the view of the hospital where I was admitted last year March when I was desperately ill and pregnant. Walking out the house with my daughter today, the sun shone on the hospital and the window was open in the unit I was in. It made me hug her more closely, and appreciate that we both made it through.

day 34


365-28 to 365-34 A week in Pictures

  1. What a wonderful collage of photos for the week My Lovely. Princess Kyra of course steals center stage. It’s amazing how big she is getting!! We’ve taken to strapping Skyler on our front side while we prepare meals – until the hot part comes of course – and while cleaning. Like Princess Kyra, the Little Prince of The Miller Castle goes right to sleep. Ahh – to be able to just “fall asleep” at any time and any place! hahaha Great job Luschka – thanks again for sharing Your Girl and your fantastic eye with each of us.

    Love Ya!

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