We’ve had a quiet week at home. Really, after the madness of the last six weeks or so, if I can get out of my pajamas, it’s a good day. So I’ve been focusing my attention on the girls, and on trying to bring some stability back into their days. That’s the hard part of this job, isn’t it? It doesn’t really matter what you’re thinking, feeling or going through, when they’re too young to understand, you just have to get on with it!

23 & 24: Australia Day. We did a whole week’s worth of Australia Day activities to celebrate the day… just for fun, really.

25: Laundry: Well, I don’t know that we’ll have any more babies, and these are some of the clothes we rescued from the flooded garage, so I’m thinking of just selling it all now. At least it’s cleaned and ready to be worn by the next baba that needs it.

26 – 29: Chinese New Year: Again, just for fun, really, we decided to celebrate Chinese New Year, so had a week full of activities for that.

Some days I find it hard to get out of bed at the moment. That’s truth. That’s real. But pictures don’t show that. That’s okay. In years to come, I hope my girls remember these things, rather than the mama who felt really low on motivation and energy.


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Mamatography 2014 – Week 5: Quiet Craftiness

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