We’re laying low at the moment, trying to settle into our new roles in our family, trying to adjust our home to suit our needs and trying to prepare for the coming summer.

124 – Baby Bits

I must confess, there are some baby bits that were Ameli’s and our now Aviya’s that I am just so sad to see them grow out of. It seems ridiculous to feel this way about clothes, when I’m not even that attached to my own clothing, but these are just so gorgeous. I’m just going to have to take photos of them though, cause I certainly can’t keep everything!

125- Boat Docking

The weather’s been rather dismal of late, but sometimes you just need to clear the cobwebs, as we did on this day. A walk down the canal, a play in the park, and watching the narrow boat docking… Ameli was very excited. She wanted to hop on. We’ll have to arrange a narrow boat trip in the summer, I think!

126 – Making Bird Feeders

We don’t have a large garden, but we love encouraging wild life into it. We have daily squirrel and bird visitors, so we thought Spring is a good time to get some bird feeders into the garden. We made these lovely shapes and hung them around the area, which Ameli thoroughly enjoyed.

127 – Mama Cuddles

My life is busy. I have three ‘jobs’, and I volunteer and I have two children and a husband. I don’t get time to do nothing but love my babies very often. It’s amazing when I do.

128 – Licking the spoon (of life)

I was meant to post this recipe on Sunday, but time kind of got away from me. Oh well. At least my baking girl liked it.

I love the stages children go through. For months now, Ameli has refused to pose for photos, or turned her back when the camera comes out.  The last few weeks though, she’s been the complete opposite. If I’m taking a photo of anything that isn’t her, she insists on being in the photo too!  I was photographing the cakes and she said, ‘And me next to it, Mama!

It’s funny.

129 – Daddy Cuddles

Not a lot to say about this, really. It’s a daddy, it’s a baby, it’s daddy cuddles. Wonderful.

130- Smurfs

Ameli is big on puzzles at the moment. Here she is showing us the completed 24 piece Smurf puzzle!


Mamatography Week 19: Generally At Home

  1. Oh I’m so sorry, I’m still off the rails of my photo posting. Feel free to take me off the linky and add me back on when I get my act together – and I will. It is just crazy busy here at the mo. Def do a narrowboat holiday – my Dad owned one and we took all our holidays on it – loved it!

  2. You always seem to have such interesting weeks, at least by my standards anyway 😉 I cant wait for Jesse to get into puzzles, for now Im am simply happy he is finally in the book stage 🙂

  3. Wow, your bird feeders look so cute! How did you make them? And I totally get being attached to the baby things…it’s the passing of a stage in both their and your lives; seems only natural that there would be some grieving to go along with that. <3

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