Returning from Norway, I had a suitcase full of my and Ameli’s clothes, and a week’s worth of my husband’s clothes to deal with and I only had one day to sort it out before we were on our way again.  It really was a low to high and back to low kind of week.

Day 112 – The Glamorous Life of Wife and Mum
Returning home from a week away has its perks. The laundry mountain is not one of them.

Washing Machine

Day 113 – Swimming with Daddy
Sadly not our FIRST swim, but we weren’t allowed to take photos of that. This is our second swim though, and she loved it!

Swimming with Daddy

Day 114 – Birthday Boy
I led Martin to believe that we would be spending the day walking around Windsor Castle, but Ameli’s present for him was tickets to Legoland Windsor instead.

Happy Birthday, Daddy
Day 115 – Legoland Windsor
Such a great day. I have a review coming for it, not because anyone asked me to, but because it was so fantastic I just want to share it with everyone.  In the meantime, here’s a collage of pictures of different Lego bits.

Legoland Windsor

Day 116 – A New Play Area
Our house was never intended to be the house of people with children. That is obvious by the complete lack of storage of any kind, and the fact that the second bedroom is on the other side of the house, beyond the passage, the bathroom and through the kitchen. We finally decided our best option for day time play is the corner in the lounge, so we removed the DVD shelves and a chest of stored stuff to make a soft and cuddly place for her.

Play Area
Day 117 – A Pyjama Day
A slow day here. I loved the underside of this baby grow.

Pyjama Day

Day 118 – Work in Progress
Obviously this is not a photo I took – but it’s representative of our house today. In creating that play area for Ameli, we pretty much wrecked the rest of the house.

Thanks for joining us for our week in pictures!


365-112 to 365-118 A Week in Pictures

  1. Uuuuuhhhh legoland!!! Been ages since we been there!!! Summer’s here(ish) time for another trip methinks!?!?!?! 🙂
    .-= Urbanvox´s last blog ..The Long way to the Finals!!! =-.

  2. Thank you for letting me know you changed your RSS! I thought you’d disappeared! …you’re showing up properly in my reader now…Hooray!!

    I’ve always wanted to visit Norway – the majority of my heritage is Norwegian. And Legoland looks amazing!

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