Well, Aviya had the first medical treatment for my children, and I didn’t particularly cope with it! I was a stress ball and a half. And on the way home I dropped and shattered my phone so I had to get that fixed, which took a few days. My husband and Ameli also went to visit his parents for the weekend, so Aviya and I lay low as she recovered.


76: Surgery Day – Aviya had to have surgery to have her first four teeth removed, compliments of the Hyperemesis Gravidarum I suffered from in pregnancy.

She was a champion, honestly, but having your two year old – this was on her second birthday – pass out in your arms as you’re ushered out a room while they perform the surgery was not one of my happiest moments in life. Most definitely not. But she handled it well, mercifully.

77: Gentle Recovery – We spent three days at home, not going anywhere or doing anything. She was groggy, a bit miserable and a little out of sorts for most of it.  And yet perfectly sweet and lovely for other bits of it.

I’m glad we just laid low, and cuddled up a lot.

80: Spring Flowers – We’re ‘back’ and settled into more of our usual routines again. Today we made flowers and lollipop butterflies for a care package.

81: Moonpig Event – I wasn’t really sure about taking Aviya out for this event today, but in the end we had a lovely time, so I’m glad we did. The Moonpig people gave the girls an umbrella each and these have been their pride and joy ever since!

Oh, and did she look cute carrying that baby in the sling!


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Mamatography Week12: Medicine Aftermath

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