I’m a little shocked to find I’m a month behind in my Mamatography posts right now. We’ve had the most wonderful summer holiday, and been so busy, there’s been little time for much else.  Here’s a bit of a catch-up for you!

Day 212 – Dino Eggs

Our PlayLearning theme of the week was dinosaurs. I’d seen this on Pinterest, so we did two eggs, one with lots of cracks and green food colouring and one with just a couple of cracks and blue food colouring. We liked how both turned out!

Day 214 – The Big Latch On

It was the annual Big Latch On event today, and Farnham ladies double their numbers on the year before. So happy to have been involved in this!

 Day 215 – Bug Bath

Some days are just long as a mama of two girls, and the best way to deal with it, is to stick them in the bath with some or other theme. Today they loved the bugbath: bug boxes with plastic bugs and glitter. Gave us all a good hour to reset.

Day 216 – In the Stillness

In the stillness, when all is calm, and it’s just me and my babies, there’s nothing in the world I would change. 

Day 217 – Night Light

My friend Yasmin and I took our children camping for two nights. Ameli doesn’t normally sleep with a night light, but in the tent pod, on her ‘own’ she wanted one, so I put our battery operated fairy lights into an empty coffee bottle and she loved it, and slept peacefully for a while. 

Day 218 – Beach Holiday 

A combination of photos from our beach camping trip. I just noticed the upside down photo, but hey ho! Pebble beaches, setting up in the rain, drying off under the hand dryers, going in a maze maize and dressing up as fairies. As you do. What a lovely day.

Thanks for joining us for our week in pictures. 


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