It’s been an odd old week. There’s been so much ‘to do’ yet I only do it little bits at a time and as a result, the list never gets smaller. Just looking around now, there are things I should be doing and yet I’m not. I’m sitting here…resting!

54/366 – Thlippers

My sister arrived and brought a bunch of presents for Ameli. The froggy slippers were among them and Ameli loves them. Since Deshaine arrived I’ve hardly had any time with Ameli… she just adores her aunt!

55/366 – Painting Planes

Aunty Deshaine brought a wooden model kit over with her, and we were amazed at how easily Ameli put it together, then proceded to pain it and decorate it with stickers. She loved doing it and it was great fun for her and her aunty to do together.

56/366 – Soft Play

I’m 40 weeks and two days pregnant, according to the charts, and Ameli still wants to be running around! Oh, why don’t toddlers go into nesting too? Anyway, this particular day, this particular girl had not one pregnant mama, but three adults with her to entertain her. I just sat and watched the play as Aunty Deshaine and Daddy climbed and clambered along! 57/366 – Coloured Rice

We’re learning colours at the moment, and this is one of our projects. I’ll tell you more about it another day, but I thought it looked rather pretty like this. 58/366 – Smiley Sue

That’s a beautiful face, even when it’s all scrunched up. 59/366 – Memory Game

My sister and Ameli playing ‘Memory’ with Disney cards she brought along. We were shocked by how amazingly good Ameli’s recollection and grasp of this game were. 60/366 – Forest Nursery

Ameli and Nana at Forest Nursery looking at worms. What fun. Thanks for joining us for our week in pictures! Please stop by and visit the other Mamatography contributors!


Mamatography Week 9: Visitors And Waiting

  1. How blessed you are to have such loving family members to help you during this time. I know there is a tinge of, “but I want to be in the tube, crawling about with my Princess” – and yet, I also know you are filled with gratitude for the love of Deshaine and of course, Sir Martin. And yes, that is one beautiful scrunched up face.

  2. Snap, we also did coloured rice this week ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gorgeous photos, glad you have a bit of time to relax ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Okay, your pictures are fantastic! With the higher output, some of mine are always very subpar, but pretty much all of yours are art. I had never heard of coloring rice for sensory play/art/etc, but then you and Christine both go and post about it on the same day. It looks *beautiful!* Can’t wait to read about what you do with it. At 40 weeks pregnant, I’m pretty impressed you’re still doing projects.

    1. Lol. Thanks Melissa. I must admit my mum’s been here and her camera is my DREAM camera (which kills me, because she just doesn’t know how to USE it and simply uses it as a point and shoot!!) so I’ve been having so much fun having access to a ‘real’ camera again!

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