Day 141 – Coffee Time

I’ve been meeting up with some girl friends on a Tuesday night for coffee and it’s been wonderful for me. I try to get there a little early so I can have some decompression time, read for a bit, and just have some me time. I love it.

Day 142 – Curls

Even though going on in the evening means I get a lot less sleep, I think it makes me a better mama. Look at these curls. I love them. Mindfulness includes noticing the average, doesn’t it? But how average are these curls? Not average at all. Something to cherish.

143 – Harvest

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my garden, and for now it’s still not doing much of anything. I spend a lot of the day moving pots around the garden, chasing the sun. But, here’s my first harvest! Kale, from my very own garden. Colour me: happy!

144 – Busy Days

I like calm, quiet days, but I also like busy days. This particular busy day, Ameli had a no-mamas required play date at the local soft play, so Aviya and I met a friend across the road for coffee. After an hour I slipped back in, so Avi could have some play time too, and I could secretly observe Ameli in her playgroup scenario too. It was nice to see her interacting with others when she wasn’t aware of my presence.

From there we went to our friend Karen, and visited her and her two boys. Emily came over too, and six children, aged 4 – 14months were so excited playing out in the rain. I keep thinking about the line from the forest school book: there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. They weren’t fussed by the rain at all.

From there we went home, made a Christmas bed in the lounge and watched a movie snuggled up and warm. What a lovely day!

145 – Gardening and Visitors

I brought some beautiful plants and seeds with from Karen’s yesterday, and today I planted them before my inlaws arrived for a visit – with flowers. The sun is shining, despite the cold. I’ve moved all the plants into the conservatory now in the hope of getting them warmer, but since it’s sunny I’m chasing the sunshine today.

Ameli grabbed some musical instruments and headed out to the plants to ‘sing’ to them. She saw on one of her favourite TV shows, Charlie and Lola, that it helps them grow, so she was out there, helping them grow.

My inlaws brought my flowers. Aren’t they lovely?

155 – Thomas The Tank Engine Party

My friend Sara’s little boy turned two, and she hosted the most amazing birthday party. She went all out, including this incredible cake!

147 – Travel Fun

Bank holiday Monday meant a day out. We drove to East Sussex to visit some friends there. To stave off car bordem we had bubbles, an activity book from last week’s wedding, and our TrayKit. Good times.

148 – 3D Puzzle

My inlaws gave us a few pounds on Saturday to buy some more vegetables for the garden. I bought an aubergine plant and a 3D puzzle, which we finally got round to building.

Thanks for joining us for our week in pictures!

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