A week of friends, food and my baby girl.

269 – What’s in the box? 

A friend of mine opened a new venue for mamas and kids a few towns over from us, so Aviya and I went to catch up with another friend over a gorgeous cup of Mamas Den coffee. It being owned by a friend meant we ran into mutual friends, so it became a nice catch up and chin wag.

I love the pictures of Avi and L from that day. It’s like… hmmm… what’s in the box?

Oh… that’s right.. I AM!

271 – Legoland

We’ve had a particularly difficult week as Aviya’s molars are coming through, she’s not sleeping, nursing around the clock and all the other fun things that come with that. I decided to take the girls to Legoland for the afternoon, since we all needed some fun and excitement.  It’s also so exciting with Avi now, as she’s really starting to notice and be enthralled by things.

273 – A&E

We didn’t really sleep last night. Avi just cried and cried and cried from about 1am until I couldn’t cope anymore. I was worried there might be something other than molars going on, so I took her to A&E, just to be checked out. Four hours later we went home none the wiser, but she’d spent most of the morning smiling and charming everyone. They must think I was making it up.

275 – Foraging

We’ve had a wonderful time foraging this autumn. We’ve made apple chutney, apple pies, dried apple rings, preserved whole pears, made pear pies, and hawthorne and rosehip syrup, and hawthorne jam, blackberry jam and blackberry wine and raw blackberry crumble. It’s been gorgeous!

276 – It’s my Party

Something I get to do very little of these days is pampering with girl friends. So on Tuesday evening I invited a few girls around for a ‘birthday party’ where we drank coffee, ate cupcakes and painted our nails. I wanted my nails to be a bit longer so we used Glitterbels builder gel. Avi is normally asleep by the time they were meant to arrive, but this particular night she wanted nothing of it and stayed up way past her bed time!

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