2. A walk in the nature reserve to clear our heads – yet another moment that makes us cry. Mom would have loved the nature reserve.

3. A wine tasting at Denbies Wine Estate. We went for the tour, but they were closed for the day, so we just had lunch and a bit of a taster. Disappointing, but another time, I guess.

4. A beautiful bunch of lillies – my mom’ s favourite – randomly chosen by a friend’s little girl.

5. Going through some boxes after the Christmas eve flooding in our garage, I found this card my mom wrote for my 16th birthday.

6. Reading the story “Mine” about sharing and taking turns, so Oupa joined us for a tea party.

7. Needing to warm our spirits and our bodies, we went to the indoor Living Rainforest for a peaceful afternoon.

8.  Our grief seems sort of on hold, right now, during a long wait for the funeral (just over two weeks, in all). Children still need to be kept busy, they still need to be entertained, and given fun opportunities. When a friend invited us to a brilliant indoor play facility, we joined them. The children had a ball. We got home to find the lillies had begun to open. This made my day.

Mamatography Week 2

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Mamatography 2014 – Week 2: Life Goes On

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s true our children give us that extra boost to keep putting one foot in front of the other. In both of our losses I’ve been amazed how life goes on so quickly, I’ve often felt everything should just stop..but it sure doesn’t. Wishing you the best through your grief.

  2. Children are great healers. This is certainly evidenced in your week. They do not allow us to wallow in grief, even when we think it is what we need. Thinking of you lots xx

    1. Thank you Laura! I absolutely agree – I can’t imagine that I’d have gotten out of bed these last few weeks if I didn’t have to for the children. What a blessing they are!

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