It’s been a rather paltry week for pictures as I’ve been dealing with issues, issues and more issues in my personal life. Even so, we took a break to celebrate my Dad’s birthday and my brother arrived in South Africa.

Day 313 – Army Girls

We took cakes and foods to my dad’s work for his birthday. Here his colleague helped Ameli try on various bits of his uniform. Too cute.

Day 314 – All Together Now

So here we are. The family together again. The last time this happened was 1 April 2002. So much has changed since then – especially the addition of a husband and child for me!

Day 315 – Wheelbarrow Ameli

Ameli and Nana playing, so Nana decides it’s time Ameli learns how to be a wheelbarrow.

We’ll be back with more for you next week. Thanks for joining us again!


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