Day 147 – Housewife Extroadinaire

In preparation for my visitors I have spring-cleaned to the maximum. Here are muffins ready for freezing for easy breakfasts and in the background you can just make out the washing on the line and the glassware drying next to the sink.

Muffins & Other Domestics

Day 148 – Memory box

In the spirit of spring cleaning I’ve gone through Ameli’s memory box. This is a big sturdy box that arrived from Ameli’s e-godmother (even though no such thing really exists, Kesia has been like a sister through many years, even though we’ve never met in person so she’s been given the honorary title). This box has been filled with all sorts of trinkets, cards, her receiving blanket, her first clothes and so on since birth, as well as two newspapers from the day of her birth. I went through the box to sort out what should be kept and what could be consolidated. It made me so nostalgic.

Memory Box

Day 149 – Family

My Gran and my brother have come to visit! My Granny lives in South Africa and my brother lives in Australia and this is their first visit to us. We have a fantastic few weeks ahead!

Day 150 – Touristic

And so it begins. Day one involved walking, walking, walking – Covent Garden, Leicester Square, China Town, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Horse Gaurds Parade, Downing Street and Big Ben were all on our route. Here we are at the fountains of Trafalgar Square with the National Gallery in the background.

Day out in London Town

Day 151 – It’s a Good Life for an Eight Month Old

Continuing our local tourism efforts, we went to Greenwich Naval College, to the Painted Hall, and from there took a river boat to the London Eye. The new 4D experience was way too short at four minutes, but was really good. The London Eye was as good as it always is, and Ameli just loved it. She certainly doesn’t have any fear of heights, this one!

London Eye

Day 152 – The Black Hole

I have no idea what this is, but it is the only picture I took on this day! Exhausted by the exertions of the last few days we spent this rainy day at home, looking at pictures, reading and relaxing. I suspect this might be the inside of my camera bag!

Black Hole

Day 153 – We’re going camping now, we’re on our way!

Off to France, Belgium and Holland with a 74 year old grandmother and an 8 month old baby does not generally bring camping to mind, but that is precisely what we’ve done. And it requires so much stuff! Good thing we bought a new car, because this wasn’t going to fit in to our two door vehicle.


Thank you so much for joining us for our week in pictures!


365-147 to 365-152 A Week in Pictures

    1. @Tracy, Thanks Tracy! It’s been a lovely month for photography in our home! Camping was fantastic too! If you ever come to Europe, let me know – I’ll point out all the good spots 😀

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