16-18. Lost in Wales. It was one of our more unusual trips away, to be fair. We did very little. We went almost no where, we did almost nothing. It was just what we needed. It was perfect. And my brother got to spend some time with the girls, as did my dad. Calm, beautiful, quiet. A tonic for the soul.

mamatography wk3

19. Last Walk. My dad and my brother left for Australia, so before my dad’s flight, we went for a walk in the forest. I hate when my family leave. It’s horrible.

21. Toy Fair. Having not even gotten out of pajamas yesterday, today I went to the Toy Fair in London. Hopefully I made a few good contacts to share some awesome product with you this year.

22. New Baby. One of my Mamaventurer friends had her baby while we were in Wales. It was so lovely meeting up and having some new born cuddles.
mamatography wk31

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Mamatography 2014 – Week 4: Away And Further Away

  1. Your photos are beautiful! My family is from Wales and I have always wanted to travel there, you have made me wish this even more. I look forward to hearing more about the toy fair!

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