Day 210 – Water Play

This park is quite near our house and for a South East London park, it is lovely. In the summer it’s also a water park. The kids definitely love it! I love that it has so many different features. I know I’d have loved it as a child.

Day 211 – Creative Play

Ameli has been very frustrated the last few days. I guess it’s natural, coming from eight weeks of being on the go, to now having been home for a few days. I really didn’t want to go out, so I had to try to entertain her at home. I went in to my craft box and found a bunch of ribbons my mom gave me about a year ago. I tied a knot in one end and waved it around the room – a fun game that kept Ameli entertained and happy for a little while!

Creative Play

Day 212 – A Day Out with Daddy at the City Farm

Well, ‘day out’ might be a bit of an over sell.  Vauxhall City Farm is really tiny. Once we’d looked at the chickens we spent a bit of time looking at the cattle and the llamas and then we were done. Ameli really does love the animals – but it was over pretty quickly. We spent the rest of the afternoon in the park!

Vauxhall City Farm

Day 213 – Myatt’s Field

I must admit, I spend enough time in South West London to sometimes feel a bit hard done by with the facilities we are given in South East London. Myatt’s Field park however, completely puts that to an end. It’s one of the nicest parks I’ve ever been in! (It’s also where the waterpark is). I can’t wait for their 1 o’clock club to open. I’m sure it’ll be just as great!

Myatt's field park
Day 214 – Winnie the Pooh

I found these in a shop on our street and bought them thinking it would be much more for me than for Ameli. I didn’t really think she’d notice, but I stuck them up anyway. Waking from her nap, however, she not only spotted them, but crawled over, pulled herself up against the wall, and started chatting to Christopher Robin. I was pretty amazed!

Winnie the Pooh

Day 215 – The Road Ahead

I love this picture. We were in Battersea park and Ameli crawled away towards the road. At this point she just sat and watched. I know I’m attributing adult characteristics to my baby here, but I couldn’t help but wonder what she was thinking.

Lost in Thought

Day 216 – Messy Play

Continuing the the theme of entertaining my now 10 month old, I decided to bring out the paints that haven’t seen the light of day since Ameli’s birth. It wasn’t the most successful of experiences, sadly, as more paint ended up on her than on the paper. I did try to help her and show her what she was meant to be doing, but she was really more interested in eating the paint brush. We’ll try again another day, I think!

Messy Play

Thank you for joining us for our week in pictures!


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