We have had another fantastic week of travel and visitors. We have been so blessed, and my Dad, Mom and Brother deserve a huge thank you for making all this possible for us. We could not have managed this holiday for ourselves at this time, much less given my gran such an amazing time.  My gran has been on my ‘best friend’ list since I was a child. She’s never been one of those cuddly, spoiling us kind of grans, but she has always been fair and just and she’s always been there for me, been my advocate and really ‘seen’ me.

There are so many ways where we are so different, but I’ve always felt like I could go to her with anything I needed to. Having this time to share with her, and seeing her bond with my daughter and being able to show her the land her own grandmother walked on, the town she lived and so on has meant more to me than I can ever relay in words. Thank you Mom, Dad & Ziech for making this possible.

Day 175 – Oxford

In Lewis Carrol’s Oxford there was a professor who had a daughter named Alice. She was the inspiration for Alice in Wonderland and, apparently, she shopped here. Today it’s an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ shop with amazing teapots/services, clothing, magnets, and all other memorabilia you could ever want.

Day 176 – Kew Gardens, London

My poor Granny deserves a gold star for her efforts today. She’s been feeling a little unwell this week, but has not said a word! We walked around Kew Gardens in the extreme heat of an unusually hot London and Ameli thoroughly loved the Butterfly House

Day 177 – Reebok Spa Day

Granny’s unwell has turned into Bronchitis, so I left her at home for the day dosing half hourly on Kali.Mur. I also left Ameli at home, with Martin, while I went to Chelsea Harbour Club for the day with the lovely Reebok Reetone ladies and my fellow trialists, Carly, Carol, Jane, Jill, and Jamilla   We had a pampering spa day and saw what Reebok had in store for us this summer with RunTones and TrainTones. I was thrilled as I already absolutely live in my Reetone FlipFlops.

Day 178 – Generations

Feeling much better today, Granny ventured out of bed a convert to Kali.Mur. We had an ‘at-home’ day, just catching up with things. I think it’s so precious how her and Ameli whisper to each other. Unless of course I distract them for a picture.

Day 179 – Time to Sleep is Time to Sleep

My brother returned from Norway last night, and heads back home to Australia tonight. We went to Kensington as my Gran wanted a look around Harrods. Ameli, sitting on Ziech’s hip was chatty and alert as usual, and seconds later, fast asleep! Of course I transferred her into the sling from here, but we did have a good laugh!

Day 180 – Farewell Breakfast

My brother gone, and my Gran going. How empty my house felt. I had to do a great send off for her! (Check back on Sunday for the recipe!)

Day 181 – Baby Led Weaning is a Winner

The up side of being home is that there’s suddenly time to cook! How many almost nine month olds eat broccoli like that! Good Ameli!

Thank you for sharing our week with us!


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