Are you up for a challenge? One that will take something from you every day, but give a whole lot back too? How about joining me for the photography challenge in 2012 then? A photo a day of whatever your day involved. Did nothing but laundry today? Photograph it: Had a busy day and have loads of pictures? Share them: And how do you do that? It’s easy: one day a week you post your pictures on your blog.  How much or how little you write to accompany it is entirely up to you, and what day of the week you post is up to you too. You just link up to share your post with the others each week and at the end of the year you’ll have 365 photos chronicling it. (If you don’t have a blog, you can start one very simply to use just for Mamatography, or whatever else takes your fancy!) We work with award-winning SEO in South Dakota so you won’t have to worry about digital marketing.

Theme? You can use a theme or not. It can be about your children (it’s amazing how much they grow in one year, and how we miss it when we see them every day!) or about your journey on a project (losing weight, eating healthy, whatever) or just your day to day. Photos don’t have to be particularly creative, but if you make even the boring days interesting you’ll probably have more fun doing it.

When should you start? It’s up to you. Ideally, start on January 1st and make it a great 365 day project, but you can join in at any time. If things happen and you can’t participate for a while, that’s fine – just start up again when you can. There’s no passing or failing grade. It’s supposed to be fun!


Sign up here, and starting on 1 January, snap, snap, snap! I’ll send more instructions to participants in time for January 1st.

I hope you’ll join me in this fun and exciting project. If you want to see how our 2010 looked, click here!


P.S. Daddies welcome too!

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Mamatography 2012



Mamatography 2012 – Are You Interested?

  1. Relieved to see it is acceptable to post more than 1 pic for each day. (I seriously came to this post to check!) Can you tell me how you do your grouped pics with the frames around them? Do you use something fancy? I just use Paint & Windows Live Photo Gallery.

    1. Ha! Totally acceptable Jorje! Some days are one picture days. Some days the pictures have a whole story to tell!

      I used to use GIMP, but I’ve recently started using Picnik – I installed it as a plugin on Google Chrome, so it’s web based and doesn’t slow my machine down as much. It’s free for the basic, which I use at the moment, but as soon as I have cash to spend beyond groceries and bills I’ll buy the ‘premium’ pack which is $24 a year. Even with the basic though, it’s pretty good and really simple to use. I still use gimp to make the rounded frames on single pictures though!

      Just google ‘google chrome picnik’and you’ll find it (and if you don’t use chrome, just google picnik I guess! Can’t wait to see your gorgeous newborn piccies!

      1. Aaack!

        I forgot that I wrote a Wordless Wednesday post specifically to go with the Carnival this week! I think I may do my first Mamatography post on Thursday and explain the new line up.

  2. Just saw Kelly’s (Becoming Crunchy) first pic and thought I might like to try this. I think I will attempt to do a daily post and, if that fails, a weekly one. This is a great idea! Thanks 🙂

  3. This sounds fab! Whether I can stick to it or not though is another thing. Hope you are well sweetie and Happy New Year x

  4. I’m in!! I tried to do this challenge last year but made the mistake of creating a new blog for it (because t was proposed to me as you had to post everyday and I didn’t want to bog down my blog like that). It was hard to remember to log in everyday to a second blog. I like the once a week approach much better.

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