We’ve been a flu infested family this week, and it’s been pretty low-key. Still going about our business, but with less energy, and a slightly weightier footprint.

 12/266 – Sick Day

We’ve never really been sick around here before. I mean, I’ve been sick, but I don’t think we’ve had colds, all three of us at the same time, ever before. And I don’t think Ameli’s ever been really sick before… nothing beyond the usual congestion that comes with teething. This week Martin got sick, then Amili, then me. It’s been a fun house. Let me tell you. Thankfully, we were able to seek help from urgent care services in downers grove to address our health concerns promptly.

On the up side, she’s been relatively easily entertained this week with her stones she loves playing with, and plenty of reading. Small mercies, as I’ve had no energy.

13/366 – Baby Sittting

Ameli and I went to babysit for a friend of ours who lives about 50 miles away. It was my first taste of life with two children. Heaven have mercy. If you never hear from me again… two children did it.

14/366 – Frosty

I had an early appointment this morning (9am), and this was the scene that awaited me in the car. It was -3C when I got in. It warmed up to -2.5C by the time I managed to head off, 25 minutes later. I tried water, scraping, heating. The ice wasn’t going anywhere. No wonder I felt even worse this night!

15/366 – Tissues

I had a pile of used tissues I was going to take a picture of. My husband kindly threw them away before I got to it. I’m still sick in bed. I don’t think the 20-something minutes I spent in the car yesterday trying to defrost the windows helped at all. *cough* *splutter*

16/366 – 34 Weeks Pregnant

I love that my belly is bigger than my boobs again. A different kind of balance and a nice change.

17/366 – Wooden Bricks

I’m still sick. I can’t believe how long it’s taking me to get over this cold. I’m trying not to leave the house, so we’re doing a lot of lounge-play. By “we” I mean Ameli. I love how she loves blocks and cars. No Disney Princesses for us (so far!).

18/366 – Homebirth Meeting

Yes, I’m having a home birth. We went to a home birth meeting together, just to help us get our heads into a birthing space, together. There wasn’t much there to take photos of, so I thought I’d take a picture of the books I was returning.

Thanks for joining us for our week in pictures!


Mamatography Week 3 : In Sickness And In Health

  1. I like the belly picture too- and as they say here in Israel “B’shaa tova!”, “everything should happen at the right time”!
    I hope you feel better soon! When you’re pregnant, it takes a long time to get over colds. You taking vitamin c? I think it really helps…

  2. Sorry about the simultaneous sick!

    I would have loved for Amy to be into blocks, but she’s more into little figurines, small dolls of various sizes, and pretend. When she does play with blocks, it’s to make environments for the dolls!

  3. I sure hate to hear you and the family have not been well My Lovely and hope you will all be better very soon. I always love the world through your eyes, so thanks for sharing this little view into your corner. 🙂

  4. I’m planning a home birth too (my daughter was born at home,) although I haven’t found many books on the subject for my 2 year old, so will check out the ones you’ve got pictured. Father Christmas bought her ‘Hello Baby’ by Jenni Overand which we read together in preparation.

    1. Ah! Check back here tomorrow! I’m reviewing a few really good books you’ll be interested in! Perfect, since Ameli is 2 too! 🙂 I thought Hello Baby was about the best though!

  5. wow, it feels like I just came over to visit you. I should have brought some orange veggie soup for you to make you all better (as my three year old would say). Looking forward to hearing all about your homebirth. We were preparing for one too. In the end I was induced due to GD. Sucks.
    BTW: Where do we post our links every week? I am not sure.

    1. Aw… well, at least this way you didn’t see how untidy the lounge is today! 😀 And orange veggie soup sounds fantastic!

      I’m sorry to hear about the GD, that’s really unfortunate 🙁

      Will pop you an email momentarily about the links 🙂

  6. Sorry you were sick. That belly (boob) photo is great!

    Such an exciting time preparing for the homebirth! I got “We’re Having a Homebirth” for my daughter, which she loved, asked me to get for her and had me read to her in between contractions right before pushing! Awesome….

    Wishing you all the best with your birth. Guess you’ll be having weekly visits and a home visit soon. The time is coming!


    1. Thanks Sheila… I’m around 36 weeks now, so yip… getting exciting! I love that you were reading between contractions! I’m more of a ‘space out’ between contractions kind of person, I think! I was last time, anyway!

      1. Yes, this birth was similar in process but I was different this time. Last time I was more “spaced out” the whole time (4 hrs) — visualizing, breathing, repeating phrases in my head. This time (with a toddler as my birth support), I was more about moving around (on all fours doing hip circles), and I had to vocalize out loud. I said “oooook” and “oooooooopen” the whole time, and sooooooooft and stretchy (a phrase my midwife floated past me) during pushing. I would have never imagined reading during labor — or even talking! — because I never even opened my eyes last time! I think this labor was more intense because it was only 2 hrs and I still had to do the same opening. I literally stopped reading the book, had a contraction, reached down and felt the sac pushing out as I heard my vocalizations get grunty.

        So, you never know. You could be doing all kinds of things this time around! Regardless, how awesome that you get to experience (home)birth again. (Assuming you did last time) I seriously had the thought that day that I wanted to have another just to have another chance to give birth (and get that pushing video I want)!


    1. Would you believe a week later, a chest infection later, and I’m STILL feeling grotty!? Not helped by the fact that hubby has it again, so it seems to be doing the rounds in our house!

  7. Oh dear, I hope you’re over the cold now! It works out beautifully that Ameli was up for quiet, simple play. I absolutely love your belly shot – it’s gorgeous!

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