This has been quite a fun week, although very ‘low key’. I am working so much and so hard at the moment, I sometimes feel like life is totally happening around and despite me. But that’s why I love Mamatography. Not only does it force me to stop and capture the moments, it also helps me remember them when I look back and can’t remember the details of these amazing days with my beautiful girls.

167/366 – Imagination

These pictures may not make headlines, for sure, but they speak to me of childhood. Ameli is actually holding a wooden toy car, but to her they are binoculars. I just love the ‘out the box’ way that children sometimes look at things. It’s perfect.

169/366 – Back In Action

The NCT is a charity I volunteer for. Every three months we have a sale where parents can bring their old goods and sell them and buy new old goods. It’s perfect really, and is probably the main place I do the bulk of my ‘child’ shopping.  We volunteered for the first time when Aviya was four days old, and again last week. I got her in a decent back carry and had a perfectly content little girl for four hours. Love it. Next to me sporting a back carry, there’s the tables of recycled toys and below that, the rows of clothes. What a great way to model thrift and environmental care.

170/366 – Scheming Princesses

These two pictures make me laugh, and when I shared them with my hubby, he laughed too. The first one is lovely: two sisters, gorgeous girls with beautiful eyes. The second, I can just hear Ameli: You take out the one on the right, I’ll go left… 

171/366 – Andrea’s Summer Camp At Home : Ice Cream

We’re hosting and following along with Andrea’s Summer Camp At Home and the first week’s theme is ‘Ice Cream’. It’s fab because even though there are activities for each day, some of them are short and some are longer, so you can mix and match as fits your time and life, really.  Here we mixed red and white paint to make pink – someone’s new favourite colour, despite my best efforts – and cut a ‘window’ out of one of the sides, and one of the flaps has a dropable side – to sell ice creams out of. Oh, and a steering wheel and wheels. Amazingly, Ameli loved this. She spent two days scooting round the living room in her ‘truck’ until I packed it away for variation and all that.

We also made ‘ice cream’ cup cakes, which were brilliant – in fact, we may have had to do it three times last week!

173/366 – Cuddles

I read some research that said that children who breastfeed together are closer as they grow up. I do hope this will be true for my girls. If I look at how amazing Ameli has been and how warmly she’s welcomed Aviya into our circle, my heart swells with pride and I can only hope it goes on that way.

Please see what other Mamatography participants have been up to this week!


Mamatography Week 25: Life And Cuddles

  1. You are sooo good with the baking and the crafts. Well done you!

    an English friend of mine was really supported by NCT, so it is a name that resonates happiness for me 🙂

    Love the scheming photo!! hehehe

  2. aye love the pics this week!your girls are just so lovely. impressed you got Avi into a back carry at her age, I hesitated with E and for ages would only do it if someone was around but one day I decided to go for it and voila I cracked it! I’m so glad I have caught up. really hoping to continue that way… These days life just keeps going at an alarming pace. Yes we are tired of the rain here too!Didnt stop mme wearing flipflops today though!

  3. I just love the moments you capture between your two girls. They’re so sweet together! It’s funny to imagine them scheming, too, of course, but they seem to be mostly sweet 😉

  4. Oh, you have some amazing captures this week! How old are they, again? Sasha has only recently gotten really lovey with Spencer again. My children all just seem to coexist most of the time… like roommates.

    I feel like sometimes life passes us by while other times we’re waiting for time to pass. It has been so hot in our home that we spend the afternoons / early evenings just waiting for it to cool off.

    Also, could you make the Title field in your linkies a little longer? Just a request, no pressure.

    1. Thank You Jorje! Ameli will be 3 in October and Aviya is almost 4 months old already! I think often these ‘co-exist’ too, but every now and then there are these glimmers I share!

      We’ve had the extreme opposite – wet, wet, wet. It’s so frustrating!

      Will do re the titles! Thanks 🙂

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