Another week as we travel around, staying local now. By local I mean staying in the UK. This is precious time, my gran tells me about our family, our history, her family, her childhood. Things I’ve  never heard. Things I’ll forget again until I need to remember one day. I learn her favourite song. What she wants played at her funeral. I learn about her marriage to a grandfather I never knew. Precious moments, while she whispers to my daughter, when she pretends to be the South Easter (wind), blowing in her face, making her giggle.

Day 168 – In search of King Arthur

My brother & gran went to Glastonbury Abbey. It’s so peaceful there. I sat with Ameli, relaxing while they did the tour. We never did find Arthur. I might have to go again another day, you know, to try again.

Day 169 – Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles

My sister came to visit! Now we have a full house, with her, my gran and my brother. It was amazing being all together. It was the first time in… well… now I come to think of it, probably since Christmas 2000. And I’m not even sure my gran was there for that.

Day 170 – We interupt our regular broadcasting for this brief break (whilst mama does the laundry!)

Day 171 – Swingtime with Daddy

A quiet day, at home with the family and to the park with Ameli. We had intended to go to the Myat’s field fair, but it was actually on Saturday! Oh well – we had a good play anyway!

Day 172 – A Family Affair

My family together. I can’t express in words what this felt like. Just missing my mum & dad, but still three generations in one place. Pretty amazing.

Day 173 – Punting Along

A day in Cambridge, taking my gran back to the first place we lived in the UK. Good times. We had a lovely time on the river too. Punting is always so peaceful.

Day 174 – The Final Resting Place

The reason I got in to writing, and probably the reason I completed my Languages and Literature Degree lies here. William Shakespear. Well, maybe he is not why I write, but he is why I came to England. In my far off home in South Africa I always had this idea in my head that if he could make it, find inspiration here, then so could I.

My gran, Ameli and I were in Stratford-upon-Avon for a day around all the Shakespear houses including his birthplace, his mother’s childhood home and his wife’s cottage.

Thank you for joining us for our week in pictures!


365 – 168 to 365 – 174 A Week in Pictures

  1. Oh my goodness! All this time I thought you weren’t posting but it turns out that I just screwed up my feeds! I’m sorry! I still love your blog and now I have subscribed to e-mail updates so I won’t be missing anymore wonderful posts! 🙂

    1. @Rebekah C, Thanks Rebekah! That’s really nice of you 🙂 I am glad you came to check up anyway 🙂

      Will pop over to your blog soon – as you can see we’ve been really busy around here!

  2. I love the one of us and Granny. Kyra is smiling so beautifully. I’m glad you got to spend so much quality time with Granny. Im glad mom could make this possible for her too. 🙂

  3. I <3 your week in pictures that you do! They are always so wonderful! Kyra is growing up so fast isnt she! She looks so happy in that family picture! Its just adoreable! xx

  4. I want to search for King Authur! I LOVE the bubble and family shot…and we didn’t get to Avon last time, but my parents did. Said it was Lovely.

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