I have been a terrible photographer this week, and I have a list of excuses for it, but I won’t bore you with those. Instead, I’ll just skip over the days that have faded from memory (there was a lot of going through cupboards, going through boxes and listing things on freecycle!) and show you the highlights that I did photograph.

Day 219 – A BBQ with Bloggy Friends & a major milestone!

A lovely day spent with Vic, Yuri, Emma, Jon, Hayley and a handul of other new faces. I never thought I’d enjoy a gathering with so many kids present, but I did – shows you how motherhood has softened me!

This was also the day Ameli decided that she no longer needed a finger, a hand or a sofa as support but that she could get up and walk on her own! A good five steps and I was so busy chatting, I didn’t register till after the fact what I had just seen!  The following day she took off at full speed and hasn’t stopped since!

Day 220 – Little Girl Walking

So, here she is. 10 Months and 4 days and she’s off like a rocket and loving it! That’s my princess.

Day 221 – Visiting

We spent the day with my friend Gloria who was having a staycation for the week. It was lovely catching up – I don’t get to see my working friends much anymore…

Day 222 – Messy Play

Ameli gets bored really easily, so I have to keep coming up with things for her to do. So we made some shakers for her, and here are the initial stages. I loved how much she loved the coloured water. It was almost as much fun as the end result. Thank heavens food colouring washes out!

And that’s the end of our week, but since we’re three days short, I’ll leave you with these beautiful pictures taken by a young lady I am proud to call my friend, Hayley Glenister. She just started out as a photographer a little while ago – I think she has an amazing talent!

Thank you for joining us for (most of) our week in pictures!


365-217 to 365-223 A Week in Pictures

  1. Taking time today to visit all my fellow Mommytogrpahers! I haven’t been a good classmate in making the rounds, but I have enjoyed all the unique photos through my reader.

    Great shots! My little just learned to walk in June and I always love those first steps. She’s near running now though. They grow up too fast.

    Have a great week, Tamara

  2. I love love love Kyra’s walking video.. I have watched it over and over! She is just so cute, I cant help but be proud of her when I compare her to the 14 month old twin girls here in Oslo that are still not walking.. and still have no hair… πŸ™‚

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