A much quieter week than the last one, because truth be told, we also need some down time sometimes!

Day 240 – Park 

We met our friend Lou, Ameli’s very first ever non-family babysitter, with her daughter in a park near where she lives. It was a gorgeous, sunny afternoon, just perfect.

241 – Coldfront?

Well. You just can’t always trust technology, can you? That’s (1.4F, for my friends across the pond!)

242 – PlayLearning

We learnt a new word in our Parragon Book Buddies book this month: mirth.

Day 243 – Sleeping In

Daddy and Ameli went to visit his parents for a couple of days, so Aviya and I stayed home for the weekend doing some serious decluttering. With big sister not here, we slept till 9:50am! Unheard of! My chilled out Squidge. <3

244 – Berry Picking

It’s a little early in the season, so we had to employ some extreme measures to get to the good berries. I was hanging off the edge of this log, over a bramble bush to get at them!. They were a bit bitter, so I wasn’t expecting much, but they did make lovely pies.

245 – Sculpture Park, Farnham

Another Mamaventurers outing, I went with some friends to the Sculpture Park in Farnham, Surrey. What a lovely day out it was! I took Ameli there a few years back and we used it as a PlayLearning experience in creating sculptures for the children. Fun, fun, fun.

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