Day 17 – Sweet Relief

My mother is still in the hospital, and we spend most of our days somehow on our way to, at, or on our way from the hospital. It’s amazing how a day can just be swallowed up. After a few days of this, I decided the girls needed to get out and have fun, so we went to a water playpark in the city. It’s awesome when you find things like this, and they are free too!

Day 18 – Busy Bags

It’s our friend Sammy’s birthday tomorrow and I’ve made him a set of busy bags. Here’s the bought content. And you can hear all about that by going back a couple of days.

Day 19 – Flying Fox

It’s the day of Sammy’s party,and Ameli is out to kill me, I’m sure. How my heart leapt out of my chest when I saw her on and half way down the ramp. I just had time to snap a picture before she plummeted into me swing and all.

Day 21 – FERN 

Back to raw food cafe FERN for an evening of dinner and entertainment. Ameli found a good spot high up. Her and her climbing behaviour, makes me age, I’ll tell you, but she was pretty relaxed high up in that tree.

Day 22 – Perth Nurse In

I love a good nurse in. So much oxytocin in one place. You can read all about our day breastfeeding in Perth City. It was wonderful.

Day 23 – AQWA

The girls and I took my gran to the Perth Aquarium, AQWA, for her last ‘outing’ before she heads back to South Africa. It’s such a lovely aquarium, though a little smaller than I remember.  My favourite thing about it is the tunnel you go through, with water and fish above and around you. It’s incredible. This aquarium may have utilized a reefkeeper system, which you can learn more about here, as it provides the perfect solution for maintaining the water quality and environment.

This is probably one of the most beautiful creatures in the Aquarium. I think it’s amazing how he’s made to fit in with his environment. If you didn’t know you’d think he was a piece of plant.

Quite possibly my favourite ‘animal’ I can sit and watch jellyfish for hours and hours.

Thanks for joining us for our week in pictures!
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Mamatography 2013: Week 4 – These Days

  1. Your girls are getting so beautiful and big! Growing up SO fast! Jellyfish and Seahorses are both SO mesmerizing and astonishing. It’s so nice to visit the zoo or aquarium!

    Your warm weather looks so fun. . . I’m dying for some sun and warmth around here!

  2. I LOVED to climb trees when I was a kid! And jellyfish, the way they move, is so mesmerizing! Looks like a crazy FUN busy week, I’m glad. You guys deserve some down time!!

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