We’ve been home for a week already, I can hardly believe it. Our day in Singapore airport was a godsend when it came to the second, longer flight. We were able to stretch our legs, have a proper meal, play, swim and generally have a ‘day out’. We got home to a house so cold, it was painful, so we switched on the heating and I took the girls to our old playgroup while the house warmed up. By our first night home, I had picked up the diarrhoea and vomiting bug, which took it’s turn around the house and we all had a pretty grim Easter.

86/365 – Singapore Airport

I love Singapore Airport. I actually extended our layover so we could have a bit more time there! Below is one of the five –  I think – gardens in the airport. It’s so beautiful.

Martin and Ameli dropping a coin in the wishing well.

Ready for England weather and ready for bed, waiting for our flight while Mama and Daddy take advantage of the free massages.

87/365 – Jetlag

I don’t have that many photos of the Daddy around here. Here he is though, all cosy and snuggly under the blanket. The cold is killing us. Or at least making us very lazy!

88/365 – Who You Wake Up With

I have a new phone with loads of fancy new tricks. I haven’t even taken my camera out since we’ve been home. I’ll admit though that  am struggling with the cold, the house, the cramped and crowded everything in England. And the sickness is doing nothing to endear me to things right now!

89/365 – Midnight Viewing

Both girls were up at 3am again, so rather than fight it, we made popcorn and put on the Smurfs for some movies in bed.

90/365 – New Bits

Yay! Aviya likes her new car chair. Now we just have to try it in practice. She looks all spotty and cute though.

91/365 – Sorting

We bought a new cupboard so that we can declutter the toys. In truth the girls don’t have a lot of toys, and certainly less than most other people, but the problem is that it’s everywhere. We’ve taken the hit and bought a cabinet and spent a day sorting things out.

92/365 – First Haircut

Aviya’s first haircut is so far overdue. She was born with a head full of hair that has just been growing growing growing, as hair is want to do. Today is the first appointment we could get for a cut though, so we went and got her hair cut, and saved some locks in her first haircut certificate.

Thanks for joining us for our week in pictures!

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Mamatography 2013 Week 14: Back Home

  1. Welcome back! We’ve just moved back to the UK from France and the weather has been miserable and made it even harder to be away from family. Hope you all recover from the jetlag soon, popcorn and films in bed seems like a great idea 🙂
    Where did you go for the haircut? Is it the place in Farnham? xoxo

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