We’re still out and about this week – or rather setting out for out and about. We’re camping on route to Croatia for a week, then spending a week there. It should make for some beautiful stop overs and fantastic experiences! I also had the opportunity, before we left, to meet some of my blogging friends at Cybermummy, a conference in London for mum and dad bloggers.

Day 182 – Red Tape

In preparation for our next trip I had to go to the Embassy of Hrvatska – Croatia to the rest of us. I misunderstood the
guidelines on their website, and thought it took an hour to three to have your travel visa processed, but it turned out it
actually took a week. They were fantastic about it and processed it super fast, saying I could pick it up the next day.

Day 183 – Rest & Relaxation

After four and a bit weeks of visitors and travel, everyone needs a day off. Ameli and I lazed about all day refreshing and
renewing our energy levels.

Rest & Relaxation

Day 184 – Cybermummy

An awesome day with all my bloggy friends, some I’d met before, some not. We had a fantastic time socialising, but also learning from speakers, mixing with PRs and other company representatives and eating fabulous cupcakes. All in a fantastic day, topped off by an evening pub quiz, chatting with new friends and old. Ameli was a star – so well behaved and smiling at everyone, as per usual!


Day 185 – Dover

In seven years of living in Europe we’ve never used the Dover ferry before, and suddenly we do so twice in two months. I’m certainly not complaining. It’s an effective, efficient, fast and comfortable way of getting to France.

Day 186 – Shepherding in the Alps

We drove through the night until arriving at St Jean de Marienne late on Monday morning. After setting up camp we went for a drive in the Alps. It’s been a dream of Martin’s for as long as I’ve known him to traverse the Alpine climbs of the Tour de France cycle race. As an ex cyclist himself he wanted to experience it first hand. We drove up and down mountain passes, seeing some fantastic views.

We came around a bend at the foothills of the Col de Galibier to this scene. It was truly an amazing moment. There were
three sheep dogs hearding this flock across the road and down the valley, but that wasn’t the awesome part – it was the sounds that accompanied it. The serene quiet of the area, the tinkeling of bells around their necks like a strange but beautiful song, backdropped by the brook they were crossing.

The smell of animals was intoxicating, (the smell of their droppings overwhelming!) and for just a moment I could imagine
our lives as shepherds and how that would be.

Day 187 – Sheltered Instructions

Returning to Col de Galibier to drive down the steeper side of the mountain, we found a quiet plateau where we could not see or be seen from the road. We got out of the car and sat playing on the grass, looking at the beautiful wild flowers and breathing the fresh air. Martin and Ameli went on to explore this stream, and I loved the picture of a Daddy showing his little girl something fierce and dangerous, all the while keeping her safe in his arms. Isn’t that the best way to learn about the world?

Day 188 – France to Italy

Leaving the Alps of France behind, we found ourselves in the equally beautiful Italian Alps. The barriers on the side of
the road in this picture give a good feel of how windy the path was. We drove for hours with mouths agape, stopping to
stretch our legs by mountain streams and wander in forrested areas, before making our way on to Lecco, Lake Como.

Italian Alps

Thank you for sharing in our week in pictures!


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